Closeup Diamond Attraction – {Mumbai Travel Diaries}

July 14, 2014
Brushing your teeth twice, weekly floss routines and what not. So much to keep our teeth healthy and munch strong (talk about a non-vegetarian foodie, eh!). Even after taking care of these basic routines, many of us still lack those shiny bright teeth that commercials usually show. I keep annoying my dentist friend to tell me a home remedie for those sparkle white teeth and all he has to say is ‘Visit a dentist!’. Not that I am afraid of visiting a dentist, but such appointments don’t buzz in so easily in our overloaded busy lives.
Now it shouldn’t bother me much to have white teeth, but at times pulling up a smile with pale teeth does come in as a disappointment. Don’t forget the creepy close up shots. Yikes!
Well, many ‘toothpastes’ have come (and gone) in the market that came to give you white teeth with regular usage. Closeup too has come up with a whitening toothpaste. But what’s so special about this toothpaste? 
Well, it too gives you white teeth with regular usage instantly. Yep! You heard me right. Instant whitening toothpaste.
So when I was invited to experience the first of it’s kind (In India) instant whitening toothpaste in Mumbai, I had to give in my weekend to live it all up. I along with my fellow bloggers Komal, Nitika, Ritu, Lisha, Bharti & Supriya were flown down to Mumbai for a weekend full of fun and smiles.
The launch party was held at Bunglow 9, Bandra.
Special Vodka shots were prepared, keeping in mind the color of the evening – Blue
The toothpaste was launched in a much groovy and ‘electric’ way.. sans the hoo-la-hoo of boring speeches.
To prove the authenticity of this product, the organizers had arranged testing tables for us to try on.
Can you see the result? The upward portion is whiter than the downward portion of the pearl strand.
Get a Dazzling White Smile Instantly with New Closeup Diamond Attraction
Over the years, Closeup has established itself as a brand that brings people together by giving them the confidence of fresh breath. With new Closeup Diamond Attraction, the brand now enters a
territory that few other toothpaste brands have ventured into, that of instant beauty. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, Closeup Diamond Attraction is a revolutionary toothpaste that makes use of patented blue light technology which works instantly to make teeth whiter, and over time it continues to work to give you a whiter, brighter and more radiant smile. Closeup Diamond Attraction is all you need to get an instantly white smile, anywhere and anytime.
Commenting on the launch Atul Sinha, Category Head, Oral Care HUL said, “We believe Closeup Diamond Attraction will be a game changer in the category as it transcends from oral care into the beauty space, and leverages on the growing trend of involvement in the beauty segment. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, new Closeup Diamond Attraction is proven to give visibly white teeth from the first brush itself.  It is a must-have for new age beauty kits.” 
Checkout their commercial!
Out of curiosity and to confirm the authenticity of this product, I asked a friend of mine who happens to be a dentist as well for his view regarding the same.

“Firstly it’s instant whitening, so it’s great for on the go purposes like interviews, parties and other social hangouts. Secondly, aesthetics is a huge part of dentistry because people feel less confident when they don’t have the perfect/almost perfect smile. So in a way this product provides that confidence.
Third, it’s the latest technology that has been proven to be effective. Another plus point is its reasonable pricing” – Sumeet Mahajan
Now for those who have followed/known me for a while now know about my obsession with Mumbai. No Mumbai trip of mine is complete without visiting South Mumbai (and re-live my old days). So post the event, me and blogger friends made a trip to the Marine Drive.
Worli Sea Link – en route Marine Drive
Next day me and Komal took another trip to South Mumbai. This time to meet the lovely Mumbai Vloggers Sonal & Rishabh & a mini Colaba haul.
Bandra – Worli Sea Link

 Bandra – Worli Sea Link

Worli Sea Face

 Rishabh & Sonal at Pizza Express, Colaba

Calabrese Pizza

 Cafe Cioccolata Smoothie

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Yet again I had an amazing time being in Mumbai, irrespective of the humid weather. Stay tuned for the haul and something ‘couture’ coming up on Kalapalette.