Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Loaf – Last Minute Healthy Bakes

December 24, 2016

Dabur as a Science based Ayurveda ensures products that tastes good and are healthy for all age groups. Right from their array of Hommade organic base products to a range of ready-to-eat products, Dabur is making our lives easier and eating habits healthier!

Caught up in the festivities of Christmas but ran out on sweets for family and friends? An easy bake and healthy dressing will save you time to indulge in the celebrities and will become a yummy and healthy treat for your loved ones. With Dabur Honey Spread you can do much more than just spreading it on a jam. It is yummier, zingier and fruitier than any regular jam and comes with the wholesome nutrition that ensures a healthier and yummier treats always. Dabur Honey Fruit Spread is packed with elements of vitamins and minerals which boosts strength, immunity and balanced health of our body.


Dabur Honey Fruit Spread comes in cute mason jours and have four gourmet flavours to offer – Strawberry, Plum, Kiwi and Exotic Berries. What’s more? These spreads contain chunks of real fruit bits and contains zero sugar and colours in them.


Coming back to our last minute Holiday 2016 quick fix, you can do wonders with these Fruit Spreads! First off, here’s a recipe of simple Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Cake Loaf that is quick to make and requires limited ingredients but provides maximum flavours! Take a look at the recipe :


Table of Contents


500 gms Vanilla Cake Mix

2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil/Olive Oil

1 cup fresh milk

1 tsp Sweetened Cocoa Powder

1 jar of your favourite Dabur Honey Fruit Spread (I’ve used Plum)

Marie Biscuits (optional)



1. In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp vegetable or olive oil in 500 gms of Vanilla Cake Mix. If you don’t have a Cake mix, then simply take 1.5 cups of wholewheat flour, 1 tsp of baking powder, 4 tbsp of curd or 2 eggs to beat, 1 tsp Vanilla essence and half a cup of honey/sugar; whisked well together.


2. To this crumbly mix, add fresh milk slowly and keep adding till the consistency of the batter becomes semi-creamy. Mix well and try to break the knots developed.


3. Oil massage a baking tray and pour in the mixture. For added flavours, you can add 2 scoops of your favourite Dabur Honey Fruit Spread and simply drop chunks of it in intervals all over the set batter. Bake 7 minutes in the microwave till the batter rises.


4. Let the cake cool then slice is in shapes of logs. Take one portion of the cake log and slice it into half in height. Spread Dabur Honey Fruit Spread on both the log pieces and place them on top of each other with the spread side upwards.



5. Garnish with sweetened cocoa and leftover crumbs of the cake or a crushed marie biscuit and serve.


6. You can indulge in these logs with a glass of warm milk as the combination goes well together!

I can guarantee that this cake with healthy Dabur Honey Fruit Spread flavour will be loved by adults and youngsters alike.


You can also mix in 2 tbsp of Dabur Honey Fruit Spread in a bowl of hung curd to convert it into some lip-smacking flavoured yoghurt. This combination is easiest and can be added on during parties and family gatherings for a healthy treat. Add on some roasted nuts to have a hearty snack anytime of the day.


For people who love zesty flavours then try out the Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Kiwi which comes with the goodness of Vitamin C. You can spread it on freshly toasted waffles for a hearty breakfast meal. Buy the Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Kiwi on Amazon.


If you like the decades old Jam Spread favourite flavour Strawberry, then go for Honey Fruit Spread Strawberry flavour. It is a big hit with kids. Spread it on slices of toasted breads or roll it up with pancakes for some yummilicious meal. Buy Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Luscious Strawberry on Amazon.


Exotic Berries is becoming the gourmet flavour of India with many food lovers adapting the flavour in forms of muffins, cakes and macaroons. So for a gourmet experience, try out Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Exotic Berries which you can buy from!


Plum is a very rich zingy taste with a warm nutty hints of flavours to it. Usually my parents liked spreading Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Pulpy Plum Jam on crackers to be had with tea in evenings.

Guess it’s time that we all move over the sweetened jams to the deliciously healthy Honey Spreads by Dabur! You can check out the products on

Other than the official website, the spreads are also available on all leading e-commerce food websites and local grocery stores across the nation. Here’s wishing you all a SWEET HOLIDAY 2016!