June 22, 2012
I feel so ashamed to pull up this post soooo late. But oh well I have been busy playing the “Editor’s” role at
Anyways, so we had this awesome back to back Indiblogger meet. But to start with I am presenting to you the DOVE INDIBLOGGER MEET. Held at The Park, Connaught Place.

The event was not yet another boring brands promoting their new launches. But rather a more interactive, informative and fun filled session. Can anyone ask for a better deal than that?
When me, Bharti from CrazypopLock, Awungshi from drpoisonivy andAnushri from anushrisaxena reached the venue, the event had just started. The first few bloggers who reached the venue got the chance to introduce themselves under the category 60 SECONDS TO FAME. On a personal note, I think it was an amazing idea as people were able to introduce themselves, their blog and what it is all about.
We had more than 100 Delhi Women Bloggers. I had no clue the bloggers number is so huge in Delhi itself. We had a gala time knowing each other.
Delhi bloggers enjoying the event.
We were in for a surprise guest Shivani Tanksale” She was a fun person to listen to, as she talked about her hair problems, her personal take on this, how messy her hair becomes at times, how shes got to juggle up health, hygiene and work all together.
Shivani Tanksale providing her hair experience.

There were loads of live tweets coming up on big screens. I thought why not me. And that was the beginning of my TWEET MANIA :p

My tweet been retweeted and responded by Dove! Thank you ^_^

We were even asked to scribble up ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO GET RID OF on sticky paper and post it up on a board. Although they were never brought up again throughout the event. But I am glad I took a snap of mine. Tee hee

I wrote : I simply wish I could have a much safer, better, generous and happy environment to live in. Tired of parents being concerned about our safety. Tired of not being able to wear what I want, or not able to party late, or live my life with READ FREEDOM : apurva_27

After all this we had a little coffee/tea break. Loved the coffee and chit chatting. While some were busy doing a survey to find out which dove shampoo conditioner combo is good for their hair. Anyone can take up the survey
Check out yours. Mine turned out to be Intense Repair.

We all on the other hand were busy posing and getting clicked. It was great meeting fellow fashion bloggers again after a long event break.

Awungshi from drpoisonivy , nidhi from , Shalini from BeBeautilicious , MOI, Japna from WhatsCookinGoodLookin ,  Nitika from ShopoholicCutie and Akshita from Colorific

After tea break we had a serious conversation with Hair Expert. She introduced us to the microscopic life of hair, how the hair problems arise, the solutions to them and much more. It was way too informative and I am pretty sure will help many bloggers to decide before choosing the right hair product for them.

Hair Expert describing the make and layers of Hair.

In between we had Saumya the brand manager of DOVE, who introduced us to the Dove range, and helped many sort out their hair problems with Dove products.

Saumya the Brand Manager of Dove interacting with fellow bloggers.

And after a serious informative discussion, we had food. There was food food everywhere. Let the images do the talking :p

Variety of yum cuisines beautifully cooked by the chefs of THE PARK


My Desserts platter. BON APPETITE! 

Youngest participant of the meet. Although she hardly has any hair, but oh well way to wise to start hair care from such a naive age :p Isn’t she cute?

According to the questionnaire I filled, I got Intense Repair Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, which came in a cute pouch. Absolutely loved it. I am currently using it and LOVING IT!

Loved the event, it was the best combination of Fun, Information, Wisdom and Interaction.
I would like to thank the organizers for letting me a part of this amazing event.

Thanks Awungshi from DrPoisonIvy for taking this snap of mine 
(and holding up the patience with me :p)

P.s. For all those who have been eagerly waiting for the hair care solutions I asked on your behalf, since this post is way too long I am doing another post with your queries and solutions. Do check it out 😉