Eid Special – Leaping Caravan Food Review

September 25, 2015

This article reviews Delhi’s current Home-Delivery gourmet brand ‘Leaping Caravan’ review.

Gone are the days when festive meals were all about endless hours of preparing dishes and setting the menu extensively right. Of course, our mothers still try to fit in an economical menu to makeup for the festive season, but who on earth has the time to marinate tikkas and Dum-Pukht Biryanis, eh?

Sure, going out is an ideal option. Not to forget all the buffet offers that surface a week before the festive day, specializing in the traditional preparations for the celebrations. But it’s not feasible to gather all your family together and celebrate the festive season with a little privacy outside.

LEAPING Caravan2

Home Delivery has become a rage now that Indians are well-versed with the workings of the internet. Right from buying the groceries in the comfort of your homes to scrolling through endless recipes on the browser to construct a menu; everything is now available on the tips of your fingers.

Well, this easy life too comes with some glitches. Even in today’s time food orders are made for current consumption only. I have hardly come across any portals that offer pre-booking of the menu and simply taking a chill-pill while the food gets delivered on your doorstep on the day as scheduled.


Leaping Caravan is one such gourmet-style home food delivery service, that offers an array of authentic Indian meals and comes with all the flexibilities of ‘online-ordering’ that makes the entire procedure way easier.

Leaping Caravan takes you on a delectable tour of the Grand Trunk Road. Bringing specialties from the popular regions along the route to your plate.

About Leaping Caravan

Leaping Caravan

Whether it is the spicy Pashtuni Chapli Kebabs [rs 280] from Kabul, Lahore’s Bhati Gate Ka Mutton Seekh [rs 280] or Aloo Timater Jhol [rs200] from Kolkata or the good old butter chicken from Delhi [rs280], Leaping Caravan has got you covered. Family recipes from regions like Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Pakistan and Afganistan, which are not only high on flavor but are made with the finest of ingredients and treated as heritage recipes.

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The menu is packed with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from the regions of Afganistan, Pakistan, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal. A wide selection of kebabs and other small bites to choose from, such as ‘Hara Bhara kebabs’ and ‘Atari Bhutte da kebab’ or ‘Chicken Seekh Gilafi’ are options worth trying. The desserts include a unique variety, with options such as ‘cheeni parantha’ and ‘kheer’ and ‘ghee shakkar roti’.

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A section of the menu is also dedicated to comfort foods from these regions, and comfort food it is with offerings such as ‘Rajma Chawal’, ‘Kadhi Chawal’ and ‘Keema Parantha’.

Leaping Caravan Eid Special

leaping caravan food_kalapalette

If cooking meals for the festive day is not on your agenda, then simply call up Leaping Caravan or order online to get traditional Mughal style meals delivered right at your doorstep.

My Experience

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1. Swift ordering procedure, which allows one to pay by card and also lets you pre-order the meal (3 days max. in advance).

2. The sms system of keeping up upto date with our order assures that the food will be delivered on time.

3. Packaging is spot on! Clean disposable packs, sealed and neatly labelled so as to avoid confusion between veggie and non-veggie food items.

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4. The packaging is also microwave-friendly, which makes it easier to simply heat it up without worrying about transferring it into a microwave-friendly bowl.

5. Food is definitely authentic and comes preserved with the right balance of masalas. Paneer that I had was of the best quality, not so spicy and the chicken was juicy and well cooked too.

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6. Quantity was ample to suffice for 5 people.

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Why you should order from Leaping Caravan?

Because of the flavours they offer, home-delivery friendly, easy order procedure and ideal to host parties at home or simply to gather your family around for some lip-smacking desi food experience.

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Value for Money : 4/5

Quality : 4.5/5

Quantity : 5/5

Results : 4.5/5

Visit http://www.leapingcaravan.com/ for more details about it.

They also cater for corporate events and executive lunches.