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Naked Chappals by Sunieta Narayana

July 27, 2016

Footwear for the beach? Well, you can definitely upgrade yourself from those rubber flip flops to something more in vogue and apt in comfort. And who better to know how to keep the style and comfort in place than Goa based designer Sunieta Narayana, who proudly presents her line of ‘The Naked Chappals’!? Sans the teleporting distance between Delhi and Goa, we got a little chatty with Sunieta to talk about her collection in depth, her personal style and of course; get the vibes of fashion ambience in Goa. 1. Tell us something about yourself. Designing is what I always saw myself wanting to do when I grew up! I knew right from the time I was a little girl, That I wanted to create beautiful clothes. However, I first went on to pursue my other passion for the Environment as an Engineer. I finally decided to do combine my two passions and started to design upcycled boots from tribal fabrics. This got me interested in Fashion as a career choice. 2. Tell us about your personal style. My personal style is very varied and changes with my mood and what my day is looking like! I love street wear to run around town in and flowy dresses for going out on most days in Goa. My personal style is made up of one-offs from artisan markets from my travels. I love to mix-and-match old traditional jewel with new trends of clothing to create everyday effortless looks. 3. What defines the fashion culture of Goa and how versatile it is in terms of national and international wearability? Fashion in Goa is big on design and style rather than brand names or label. There are indie-designers here creating for national and international shoppers, so there is a huge selection of styles …

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Next in Fashion by Pearl Academy

March 29, 2016

Common people keep wondering how and what the fashion industry has to give back to the society. Whereas people who are interested in design and want to make a career in it keep thinking how to earn a living out of this industry. At the recently held ‘Amazon India Fashion Week AW’16’ many of these doubts were dealt with on a twin-day panel discussion sponsored by Pearl Academy, India’s leading private school of fashion and design. The discussions were graced by the presence of stalwarts of the industry who are increasingly devising new ways to reach out to the untapped-but-interested-masses, micro small and medium enterprises dealing in textiles. The discussion also had a special feature to address the doubts of students regarding the management practices of this dynamic industry. The first initiative of Pearl was #BeSomebody, an inspiring talk for all the budding designers as experts shared their experience in this industry. They narrated anecdotes from their own journey – including both success and hardships they faced. Anju Modi whose career spans over two decades, recalled how her designs charmed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It eventually resulted in her collaborating with him for two of his epic movies – Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. She described the process of designing for these two celluloid dramas for which she undertook strenuous research expeditions by visiting the hinterlands of India. She also remarked how she would rather look into India than going to the international hubs like Milan and Paris to be inspired. These visits to the remotest parts of India (like Kutch), have shaped her views regarding the importance of giving back to the society. She has plans to set up an R&D centre to promote development of crafts. Rahul Mishra, on the other hand, had a clear perspective on how …

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Madhuri Dixit Launches PNG Boutique

March 8, 2016

Over centuries, jewellery has been crafted to symbolize royalty and riches. In the times gone by, the amount of jewellery a woman owned signified her importance in the society and the prestige that she’s lived her life with. In today’s time too, families save up heirlooms and invest in contemporary designed jewellery to giveaway to the leading ladies of the family. One piece of statement jewel is enough to ante up a simple black dress and enlighten the aura of the wearer. The jewels signify niche, grabs attention and becomes the reason for many compliments that the wearer receives. Gone are the days when jewellery was only considered as an investment or an heirloom to pass on at the time of a woman’s wedding. In today’s time when ethnic to modern designs are adorned by many celebrities, jewellery has come out as a statement. Stylists across the globe vouch by the importance of wearing one style of precious jewellery as a statement fashion accessory. For all our readers from Pune, it is time to feel evergreen and shine bright, because the renowned PNG Jewellers have recently launched their ‘PNG Boutique’ that guarantees to be one of its kind! A step ahead from the #PNGJewellers , this boutique is not like your regular jewellery store, but an abode of the finest jewels worth experiencing. On 26th February, 2016 PNG Boutique witnessed its grand opening at JW Marriott, Pune with the influencers of the town being witness to this celebration. Being famous for their precious jewellery designs, PNG Jewellers also launched their Diamond collection with Bollywood’s timeless diva – Madhuri Dixit Nene. The collection is called ‘Timeless by Madhuri Dixit’ and consists of some impeccable designs that meet the contemporary needs of a customer wherein balancing the traditional elements of jewellery making …

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AIFWSS16 Interview with Dhruv Kapoor

October 7, 2015

Everyone is anticipating now that a new season of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer’16 is round the corner. While Delhi is gearing up for the winter season, we Delhiites are still keen on finding out what trend stories have the Indian designers defined for the year 2016. Before we head on to experiencing the runway in person, a little sneak peak into one of Bollywood’s current favourite fashion designer’s collection story can’t be ruled out. Dhruv Kapoor has become a prominent design expert with Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor favouring his ensembles into their press OOTD collections. While Dhruv has promised us to wait and experience his collection first hand on the ramp, he is happy to share an insight on his professional life right now and his thoughts on AIFWSS16. Check out our chatty yet quick tête-e-tête with him! 1. A night before my show I try to sleep. 2. On the day of my show I wear something new from the collection but also comfortable enough to run in.  3. The most treasured item in my closet is? Things we own should never be so important it hurts to part with them.  4. I am excited about the way I’ve planned my show this season, and the next.  5. My fashion show must-haves include a shot of tequila.  6. My Spring 2016 collection is all about subverting ideas, spirituality, silent power and private luxury.  7. The fabrics I’ve used in this collection include organic denim, organic jersey, cotton poplin, cotton-silk satin, flat chiffon and silk satin. 8. For me, my collection has to have something for everyone.  9. I love when my clients say “I love the way your cuts hide my flaws!”. 10. I wouldn’t survive Fashion Week without friends.  Dhruv Kapoor will be showcasing his collection on 10th October at NSIC Grounds. Don’t forget to …

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Indian Fashion Trends That Made History

August 15, 2015

Happy Independence Day to all my ‘Desi Swaggers’! Hope you’ve all had an inspiring start of the day with a power packed speech by Mr. Modi over a cup of your hot Darjeeling Tea. The history of our country’s Independence is truly remarkable. Although we can never analyse the depth of struggle that our heroes put into giving us a free world that we live in now, such notable days are still worthy of paying tribute to our heroes and remembering them for their work and sacrifices. Their are several ways in which Indians celebrate the Independence Day. While some opt to fill their social media feeds with inspiring posts, few celebrate the day by watching historic movies over a palette of Indian cuisines; and then their are some who put up their best ethnic avatar to add on to the celebrations. Everything tangerine, green and white is their motto. Well, I too have been shuffling through my wardrobe, trying to pick the right trio coloured #ootd for the day. But don’t you think the same trio style every independence day has become a bit mundane? Well, for those who are feeling patriotic and are looking at adopting it to their personal style, how about a throwback to our Indian history and the styles of our great heroes? Fashion is a piece of art that too strives on inspiration that can float in from almost anywhere. On the occasion of India’s 69th Independence Day, presenting to you a list of some remarkable trends that were sworn in as a signature by our great Indian Heroes. Take a look! THE GANDHIAN GLASSES The father of our nation was known for his khadi drapes, a walking stick in hand, kolhapuri flat chappals and his famous round reading glasses. The simplicity of these wired frames were soon taken over …

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Look Dapper in Ballerinas – SS15 Trend

April 21, 2015

Who says that fashion is always crucial and pretty painful to put together? Well, to clear out the blues, fashion can be comfortable yet modish at the same time too! Let’s think it from Sarah Jessica Parker’s point of view, shall we? The queen of style and stilettos might strut her way onto the streets of NYC in 6inch heels, but she too doesn’t mind getting comfy in these dancing bellies; once in a while. Being stylish and super comfortable (you can run in them too!), ballerinas have evolved with designer touches; every season down. Truth be told, one can ‘Look Dapper in Trendy Ballerinas’ too! As the perspiration for Summer Spring 2015 takes up its toll, one doesn’t want to get caught in a painful heels-affair, strapping it at place while running the daily errands and being the busy workaholic that we are. Be it a celebrity like SJP or our home girl MNC manager, flats over heels can never be ruled out as a stylish footwear option. Think it ain’t as stylish as the 6inch saga? Hear what the famous fashion consultant and mentor for Project Runway has to say about flats – “Flats can be fabulous too!” Now if you are still wondering whether to invest in another pair of heels for summer or pamper your feet with some comfort-shoes loving, soak in some inspiration from these desi Bollywood celebrities, who are marching up the ballerina trend with élan! Deepika Padukone  image source : glamcheck    Leopard Print Ballerinas: Take a bow for this young lady. Deepika surely knows how to ante up any trend flawlessly. If you love prints, then take inspiration from Ms. Leela and work up animal prints for a boho-style, floral because it’s summer time or keep it simple with geometric prints like polkas. Pair them with an all black jumper or any …

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Smoke House Deli presents DECONSTRUCT with Shivan & Narresh

July 23, 2013

Design encompasses everything around us. Fashion, Space, Photography & Graphics are just a few fields that experiment with the elements of design to create and express. Certain designers have played significant roles in defining their creative field with their signature style.  Just like the design world, the food industry has also evolved in terms of the visual appeal of a plated dish, which can be seen through food trends over time. The interesting part here is the combination and balance of texture, color, form and proportion used while plating a dish. The use of these elements of design are quite similar to those seen on the runway, a photograph, a space or any design oriented field. Food designers such as, Marije Vogelzang, Elsa Lambinet and Julia Rothhahn, have worked toward creating new concepts, experimenting with technique, exploring produce and inventing flavors in order to create something spectacular on the plate.  Food and design capture the timeless essence of all things beautiful! ‘Deconstruct’ is the innovative concept that translates the flavors of signature styles of eminent designers and their iconic creations, into ingredients that work in harmony to create the perfect bite. It is a unification of style and taste.  Tossed in scrumptious inventiveness, on the 19th of July, Smoke House Deli launched this concept in association with the phenomenal Luxury Swimwear designers Shivan & Narresh. This designer duo, were the first to launch swimwear in the country and have showcased a number of innovative collections over the years. They have not only been pioneers within this segment, but have built a nationally renowned brand, whose popularity seems to grow as the days go by.   Anand Bhushan, Shivan Bhatia, Gautam Sinha and Narresh Kukreja Hosts Shivan Bhatia, Harmeet Bajaj and Narresh Kukreja  Nandini Bhalla Narresh Kukreja and Masaba Gupta Excerpts from …

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DLF Promenade Blogger’s Meet

April 6, 2013

A couple of days back DLF Promenade hosted a very interesting and one of it’s kind blogger’s meet. It was more of a *Styling Competition* where prominent fashion bloggers of Delhi were invited over. Venue : DLF Promendae, 3 Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi, India 110070 The Task : Style your *model friend* (In my case I took my sister along) based on one of the 7 themes provided by them. The sourcing could be done from any store of DLF Promenade. Keeping the entire experience professional, the sourcing was followed by hair and makeup from trained artists, a ramp walk followed by Q&A with Designer Suneet Verma. The Themes : a) Androgynous b) Monochrome c) Resort Wear d) Formal Wear e) Neon & Neutrals: f) Pastels g) Graphical My Style : Being an ardent fan of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Coco Chanel and her works of life, I had to give her a tribute irrespective of the outcome. Keeping the *Formal Wear* theme in mind, I studied the great works of Coco Chanel, took account and united history in the form of a look. The entire outfit was sourced from Zara India The Chanel Look  The Boater hat: Coco Chanel came into being with her “Flat Boater Hats” in the early 1920’s. To add her personal glamour touch to these hats, she introduced the embellished versions of the same. Military/Modern hairstyle: At times when fascinators and long locks were adorned by women, Coco Chanel brought a change about how a woman should comfortably dress, look and feel! Celebrating a modern diva, she herself carried short haircut with long curls to keep the look avant-garde yet sophisticated. Strings of Pearls: One of the remarkable creations of Coco Chanel was the “Costume Jewellery”. She partnered with Duke Fulco di Verdura to launch a House of Chanel jewelry line. …

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May 10, 2012

Chandni Chowk, the hub of wholesale market, a paradise for Fashion enthusiasts looking for raw material or simply inspiration. If you are a Delhiite and love shopping in Chandni Chowk, or have it on your wish list the next time you visit Delhi, READ ON! As I foretell the story of ULTIMATE ENTRAPMENT. A strategy with many undercover players, playing mind games with the shoppers, yet you leave home HAPPY, “Unaware that you have been fooled” If you don’t believe me READ ON!! If you have been a victim of this entrapment….LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW YOUR STORY!! 🙂

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(A Day when) The Devil wears Milano

December 22, 2011

Yes Kalapeeps….you have not mistaken the similarity of this post name to a very popular (fashion) movie.If you love fashion just like me, you absolutely know what I am talking about. But 1st let me tell you about MILANO…well I am not talking about Milan but something associated with…I am talking about a pretty cool brand  MILANO, 2011 Style & Color range by DEBORAH, Italy’s leading make- up brand. You can check DEBORAH MILANO INDIA out on facebook here This range might be pretty new on the block, but it has already started selling as hot cakes all over.Well why am I mentioning this to you all? Because I present to you……The Devil wears Milano…. when the Devils of “The Devils Wear Prada” *yes you heard it right* take their beauty up to the next level with makeup from DEBORAH MILANO range. Excited? To make it more merrier? I have made it “A DAY WHEN THE DEVIL WEAR MILANO” I have a set of 4 outfits to go as the day progresses from the movie “THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA” and teamed it up with the perfect makeup from the Deborah Milano Range. 1.Early Morning Appointment – The Official Outfit Early Morning + Appointment…what a mess it can be.You still feeling the warmness of your bed, but need to look your best and get going to that appointment.What to do? 😮 Well not to worry because I present to you a quick + flawless + faultless makeup to go with the Outfit No. 1 worn by Andrea (Anna Hathway) while rushing on the streets doing the tough assignments appointed to her by Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) Step 1. 24Ore Perfect Concealer and hide those blemishes away. Step 2. 24Ore Perfect Foundation for lawless face and neck. Step 3. Luminature Bronzing Powder for more elegance …

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