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Locker Style Diaries Ft. Meher Gupta

June 17, 2016

Who says that being a #GirlBoss leaves no room for fashion and everything pretty? Running one heck of an established company does require suiting up, but not everyone likes being Mark Zuckerberg; wearing the 50 shades of grey T-Shirts to work. Dismissing the myths attached and bringing up the #BeingMe challenge of looking effortlessly stylish in a plus size, we present to you ‘Meher Gupta‘ for our Locker Style Diaries; the beauty with brains behind Contemporary Connect Luxury Brand Agency. Having spent her study years in London, Meher loves everything colourful and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her own personal style. With a sophisticated flair, she believes in happy clothing and brings about the concept with tailored silhouettes. Me & Faizan were on a lookout to feature one diva who doesn’t shy away from facing the shutterbugs with her eccentric taste in accessories and an attitude that shout outs ‘Run the world, Girls!’. Read all about Meher Gupta and about her designer wardrobe that seems endless from end to end. 1. What is Contemporary Connect all about? How did this agency come into being? Contemporary Connect is a 360 degree luxury brand agency which aims to be a one-stop solution for International and Indian brands in India. We handle everything from fashion, lifestyle, f&b, aviation and real-estate. The idea behind it started as soon as I finished my masters with a zeal to create my own dream job! 2. What was your career choice while studying five years in England? 5 years in England completely flew by and to be honest, career choices back then were very different. I was working with Coca-Cola and that’s when I realised that I wanted to do something more niche and up market; hence, the idea of luxury and an up-market agency came into play. …

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#LockerStyle Ft. Aakanksha Kapoor

November 28, 2015

Everyone is trying to change something in the world. While most of us are busy debating over topics like ‘Make In India’ and ‘Global Warming’, there are a few who are actually putting in an effort to alter the lifestyle for a prosperous future. One such diva whom we met recently is Aakanksha Kapoor, who believes in the power of staying organic and working towards a greater cause – empowering the farmers of India! As we stepped into her freshly renovated abode, our thoughts were clear – understanding in depth the purpose behind ‘I Say Organic’ and how she manages style with her busy timeline. Not to forget, that she is soon opening her first ‘I Say Organic’ store in Saket (Delhi), the life is surely tick-tocking on a crunch for this Delhi lad! With no further delays, sharing with you Aakanksha Kapoor’s Locker Style dairies and a definition of her personal style. Photographs by Faizan Patel Photography Pledge for a healthier future with ‘I Say Organic‘. Define yourself in one line. Loud, fun-loving and super passionate with a knack for uplifting everyone around me. Life is incomplete without? Love, dogs, coffee, a good workout and waffles with chocolate and mint cream!   5 things in my bag include? Lipbalm, worknote book, two pen, wallet, chewing gum and Nivea moisturiser.   My idea of a party look consist of? Bandage knee length dress with heels and earrings. Currently I am using? 5th avenue by Elizabeth Arden perfume because it’s beautiful, timeless, soft and soothing. I prefer plum and wine lip colours for the winter season because I’ve recently started experimenting with darker lip shades and makes any look vibrant. Otherwise my go to lip colours for day and a chic evening look are different shades of nudes and brown. My …

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#LockerStyle Ft. Anika Dhawan

September 9, 2015

Anika Dhawan has introduced a whole new perspective to the wedding scenario in India. Called the ‘Wedding Décor Couturier’, this Delhiite has been transforming wedding camps into a decorative piece of memorable art since over 5 years now. From theme based décors to the occasion based customised brain storming, Anika’s joint label called ‘Rani Pink’ is behind designing pandals and interior-exterior designs for an impactful one-of-its-kind wedding experience. If you’ve been following her label Rani Pink on the social circuit, you are very well versed with her kitsch to classic style of wedding décor. But what is her own personal style? Apart from designing the sets for her own wedding, which designer trousseau did she wear to make it extra special? What is her everyday style running through meetings and travelling to channel her wedding décor magic, nationally? We, for our Locker Style diaries #2 presents to you a sneak peak into her closet. Take a look! Photographs courtesy – Faizan Patel Photography Follow Anika Dhawan’s Label – Rani Pink Tell us something about your knack for creativity. My occupation as a wedding designer is not just confined to creating props and setting up mandaps for an event, there is a full story that revolves around it. Something that is close knitted to the lives of the bride and groom , something that forces me to completely engross myself in their lives for a minute and feel their hopes and aspirations of what they would expect from their wedding, so if I’m not creative enough to weave a simplistic story into a fairytale, then Id feel something is definitely missing from the experience I promised them. Also its something I love doing, something that keeps me on my toes and helps me entail a vision that helps me grow as a person each …

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Locker Style Diaries Ft. Mahima Gujral

September 4, 2015

Belonging to a family of couturiers, Mahima Gujral a.k.a. South Delhi girl, has many folds deeper to her personality than the sublime couture life that she otherwise belongs to. An avid traveller, she loves soaking in inspirations from all over the world and has volumes of stories to share about her bruised passport. Young with a flair to keeping up with the luxurious-drama of a fashionable lifestyle, she balances SUE MUE – her mother & grand parent’s couture house with her laid-back style; with poise. In this issue of #LockerStyle diaries, we present to you a sneak-peak into her closet and what it is like being an Indian kid born with roots belonging to the ethnic tribes of Indian luxury fashion. Take a look! Photographs courtesy – Faizan Patel Photography Follow Mahima Gujral on Instagram Describe yourself in 1 word. Explorer How do you associate yourself with Sue Mue? Sue Mue (Initially known as Priyadarshini) was started by my grandparents, Mr. Surrender Mohan and Mrs. Narinder Mohan back in the 60’s as a small tailoring counter at Heritage, South Extension, New Delhi. The USP of the brand lies in detailed customization of outfits and prompt and courteous client servicing. Inevitably, my relationship with Sue Mue holds a very strong base in the building blocks of my life, both personally and professionally. Apart from getting all the beautiful clothes for my traditional Indian and indo-western wardrobe, Sue Mue has been a part and parcel of my life. From sitting down with the designers and brainstorming the upcoming collection, to working on various business modalities for future brand expansion. I as an individual have grown with the brand and the brand has grown with me. Being born and brought up in a family of couturiers, how has that faired for you so far? As wonderful as it …

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