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December 20, 2015

Seeing how I struggled with my outdated 3G canvas phone, my younger sister convinced me to get a new one promising a smoother and faster experience. The younger generation is definitely more inclined and quick to catch up with the newest technology faster than us. But I am also ever keen to keep up.

It was time to start my big search right away. I spent an entire evening reading reviews of phones and comparing them on different portals. It is amazing to see the pace at which technologies are advancing. What is released today becomes passé by the next month. Of all the new advancements, I gathered that 4G connectivity is the true hero of all the claims made by mobile makers!

Being a social buzz-maker who is always on her toes, I felt a magnetic pull towards claims like ‘super fast streaming, uploading, and downloading’ among others! I am not able to get Wifi everywhere especially with a consistent speed and access. Thus I have no other option but to rely on my mobile phone’s internet connectivity when I am venturing al fresco. I wondered what this high-speed hullabaloo was all about. I had been using 3G for some time, and I was pretty satisfied with it as it was way better than 2G! To think of something beating the 3G speed was what got me interested in it

I logged into Flipkart where choosing the best phone from thousands, gets easier and less time consuming with Filters. I refined my search with filters like price range, brand, SIM type, clock speed, primary and secondary camera and of course, connectivity. I was amused to see 4G phones starting from ₹2600 and going well beyond the ₹30,000 mark.

Flipkart has got something for every pocket of India. Even if you do not have to buy a phone right now, it is always fun doing window shopping on Flipkart. You can ‘shortlist’ the items you like and ‘compare’ features of up to 4 phones here itself. My one stop solution!

Flipkart 4G Smartphones_Kalapalette3

In my search results of 4G connectivity I found major brands like Lenovo, Redmi, Micromax, Sansui, Asus Zenfone, Nexus. I found Redmi has been received quite well with higher ratings.
Gone are the days when I had to go forego some features from a phone to embrace other features in another phone. One phone did not have everything I desired. If one had an amazing camera then it did not have the desired size of RAM.

But NOW the new age smartphone makers have got everything in one phone! They are well in tune with our changing needs. Almost every phone I looked into offers a Dual SIM, latest Android Lollipop, 4G LTE connectivity, 2GB and above RAM and sharp cameras. I zeroed in on 3 phones – Nexus 6, Asus Zenfone 2, and Moto X Play! Asus has a good camera, it is fully HD, has got a dual SIM and it is reasonably priced, so I chose it.

I was eager to get my phone which I received before the stipulated time. 4G is truly a dream come true. It lets me download huge files in no time which usually took a long time even with 3G! I had not imagined the video calling could be this smooth and lag free on 4G. I can also use the connectivity to tether it with my MAC to get high speed web connectivity as well. Overall I am quite satisfied.

Thanks to Flipkart, you can now get your 4G phone delivered anywhere in india! Yes, even Jhumri Telaiya! I suggest an extra filter of RAM as it has a great impact on the extent of speed we get.

Author : Anushri Saxena, Editorial Features

Header source: vanitypresse