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August 8, 2016

As a blogger, I get to attend a lot of launch events. Most of them are about attending a soiree, meeting people, the brand speakers share their insight on the launch, the launch officially takes place amidst paparazzi and we bloggers spread the word across. This norm is a general protocol that’s quite a regular experience for us. And then their are brands who believe in perfection, who believe in the power of getting their brand value right in front of the people who matter. So when FOUR SEASONS WINES LTD. invited me to travel all the way to Baramati (Roti) for their Limited Edition launch, I couldn’t anticipate anything less of an extravaganza; and boy was I right!

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Baramati is a small city and a district of Pune, which is approximately 2.5 hours away from the main city. Many parts of Maharashtra are blessed with the soil and climatic conditions apt for vineyard farming which is where Four Seasons Wines Limited cultivates, produces and preserves some of the finest wines of India. The richness of the wines produced by Four Seasons can very well be derived from the vast knowledge that Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, the Director and Chief Winemake of Four Seasons Wines specialises in. His expertise in everything to do with wine was something that stayed with us media personals, throughout our experiential at Four Seasons Baramati (Roti) Pune.

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The extravaganza was a 2 day affair with some of the bloggers, leading wine experts of India and journalists being flown down to Pune on 15th July, 2016. As I boarded my Delhi – Pune flight, all I could think of was the beautiful mansion that I’d seen in pictures overlooking the vineywards, the beautiful countryside of Pune and of course, the fragrance of freshly produced wine in the air.

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The moment we landed in Pune, we were escorted to our cars for another 2.5 hours journey to Baramati. Pune rains, air conditioned weather and the rich vegetation across was a treat to witness. If you are a wine lover and love the country side, then I must say, this hidden land of Four Seasons Wines is a must visit place for you in this life time!

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Upon arrival at Four Seasons mansion, we were warmly welcomed with a glass of rose wine that they haven’t launched as yet. We were then informed that a wine tasting session has been set for the evening with Mr. Abhay Kewadkar who will officially introduce us to the Four Seasons Wines. But before that we were all helped to our rooms for a quick change. Four Seasons Baramati is a private guest house with limited rooms, but great hospitality and views to die for.

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For those who’d like to take up an experiential can drop in their request on their official website. Based on the availability of the rooms, Four Seasons Wines Limited welcomes wine lovers on a regular basis. Speaking about the accommodation, then the rooms are all well lit, decorated in a neat contemporary style, complete with basic amenities, 24 hours running water and cable TV.

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The wine tasting session with Mr. Abhay was a quite informative tête-à-tête as he spoke volumes about Four Seasons Wines, details about its produce, the circulation in the market and what distinguishes Four Seasons Wines from any other available in the market. It was a pleasure discussing wine over an array of wine volumes presented to us with freshly baked breads on the side.

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The wine tasting session was followed by a magnificent and informal BBQ Dinner, set up at the patio. I could just sit their with a glass of Chenin Blanc, overlooking the beautiful fountain, tasting fresh-of-the-grill tikkas and more. With this, I got all chatty with the representatives of Four Seasons Wines Limited and stayed up late night knowing more about my fellow bloggers, taking notes from wine experts and introducing myself to the journalists across India.

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Up in the morning, we were all taken on a nature walk around the property. Some people took to the bikes, some tried trekking up the landscape, some walked a few extra miles to spot a deer munching on the greens while a few of us simply walked the unaccounted road to soak in the cool monsoon breeze and to witness the beauty of mother nature. Post our rendezvous with the nature’s beauty, we all assembled in the main dining area for a lazy breakfast as I watched the staff of Four Seasons animatedly arranging a lunch table for the big launch that afternoon.

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Before heading for the big event, we were taken on a tour of Four Seasons wine production and preservation by Mr. Abhay. Right from the gallery where freshly harvested grapes are cleaned and transferred into the production machines to the colourful packaging room; we witnessed it all in detail!

Four Seasons Wine Launch_12

The highlight of the tour was our visit to the preservation chambers where all the Four Seasons barrels are kept. As Mr. Abhay shared an insight on what/how’s of the preservation, the staff swiftly took to one of the finest preserved wine barrel, piping out a portion of it for us to taste. This wine tour was nothing less than a Disneyland experience for adults! *chuckles*

Four Seasons Wine Launch_13

All ready in their best avatars for a terrace launch, we gathered at the roof-top terrace/swimming arena where Four Seasons in association with Taj Vivanta Pune had set up a wine & cheese lounge followed by a beautifully decorated table for the formal lunch and launch of Vintner’s Reserve Wine by Four Seasons Wines Limited. The weather was absolutely perfect with cool breeze gushing through our hair.

Four Seasons Wine Launch_19

With some fabulous wine in the house and a happy crowd to engage with, we all sat for our 3 course meal prepped up by Taj Vivanta, Pune. Each meal was complimented with Four Seasons Wine (of course) that set the mood right up! I cannot do without mentioning the English style table being set up with fine flowers, finest cutlery (watch out for our name tags) and the 3 course meal presented the Taj style!

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As we feasted on our lunch menu with Four Seasons Wines, Mr. Abhay kept us entertained by sharing some more insight on the wine and the reason behind each combination of food and drink presented to us that day. And for the grand moment of our trip, Mr. Abhay introduced us to his signature wine, VINTNER’S RESERVE, the connoisseur’s collections.

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The Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels is a vintage red wine that’s a special blend of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes grown in the Sahyadri valley. It is a one-of-a-kind beautifully layered, complex wine that merges exclusivity and luxury with soul. Meticulously handcrafted by our master winemaker, the Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels is a limited edition wine with an intricate assemblage of concentrated fruit from the vintage. The wine is best enjoyed now, but can get even better with age.

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Quick Information

Only 1,200 bottles of VINTNER’S RESERVE SELECT BARRELS has been crafted.

Grapes : Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz

Tasting Note : An elegant, rich, ruby red wine characterised by rich autumn black fruits as top notes and underlying notes of spice. Nicely blended oak gives it complexity, along with a well-rounded structure with an exemplary finish.

Aging Potential – 7/8 years.

Price on Request.

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As per my experience, Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels by Four Seasons Wines is a must have (in the collection) for wine lovers across India. And with a very limited stock of these wine bottles, one would definitely want to be a proud owner of the Vintner’s Signature Wine! I, am happily, a proud owner of one of these.

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What I Wore?

Sunglasses by Vero Moda

Shirt from

Jeans by Pepe Jeans

Footwear by NEXT UK

Travelling all the way to Baramati from Delhi was definitely a worthy affair. The entire experiential was dreamy and I just can’t wait to be back again at the Maharashtrian countryside to try Four Seasons Wines Limited finest produce.

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Photographs by Sahil Gupta.

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