GETAFIX Gluttony-Free Restaurant

November 12, 2015

Getafix is not like your regular cafeteria wherein all you get are calories! It is an abode where taste meets health and makes each spoonful of yumminess gluttony-free.

Probably my biggest weakness is my love for food. And I am not talking about the regular dal-roti customs that we follow. If I have my way, i’d try the yummiest cuisines of the world on a day to day basis (sigh, I wish!). With my style of working (blogger life) the food trials come-in more as a work-ritual rather than feeding self of nutrients. With the hustle-bustle of hopping around being a blogger, I tend to lose my grip on eating healthy. With numerous parties and blogger meets that I give into attending on a weekly basis, none of my weeks go without savouring some outside-cooked food.


BERRANANA FIX – Banana, Blueberries, Rasberries, Strawberry, Yoghurt

Now as per the norm, eating outside food is unhealthy. Sure, their certainly is a lot of truth to this belief given the amount of preservatives and added flavours that go into making our palettes worth each penny (that we pay per serving) tasty. But what most of these restaurants lack is keeping up with the health factors and often exploit the basic rules of providing junk in the name of savouries to us foodies.

GETAFIX, like I said earlier, is not just another cafeteria that offers an array of dishes to try out, but don’t meet the health factors that one requires; in any way. Just a couple of days back I was telling my foodie friend about my experience at Getafix and she was just not ready to believe that such a restaurant exists that offers healthy food. She kept asking me questions, trying to pick on the faults, but couldn’t find any. Right from their healthy drinks-menu to offering whole-wheat burgers and air-fried meats, this restaurant does it all in wealth of the health! Let me take you through the photo gallery so that you can believe to what I’ve got to say.

Getafix Drinks


MORNING KICKER – Banana, Coffee, Yoghurt


JUST BEET IT – Beetroot, Carrot, Blueberries, Lemon & PINK OF HEALTH – Peaches, Strawberries, Ginger, Grapefruit



CORN CRUSTED CHICKEN – Crunchy strips served with fresh tomato salsa


AIR FRIED FISH AND CHIPS – Succulent fish filet coated in a crunchy batter with oven baked fries


PEAR SALAD – Lettuce, grilled cottage cheese, blueberries, sweet potato, Dijon mustad dressing


RED SALAD – Mix lettuce, red apple, goat cheese, chicken breast, chipotle dressing



POPEYE OMLETTE – 3 egg whites prepared with spinach, ricotta and sweet corn, served with two whole-wheat toasts



QUINOA BURGER – Quinoa and sweet potato, served on a whole-wheat bun and home made baked fries


GRILLED FISH BURGER – A sole fillet served on a whole-wheat bun with a tangy slaw and home made baked fries


TURKEY AND CHICKEN SANDWICH Turkey bacon, grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, goat cheese and grilled onion


GRILLED FISH BURGER – A sole fillet served on a whole-wheat bun with a tangy slaw and home made baked fries





MEXICAN BOWL – Steamed vegetable mexican rice with grilled veggies, black beans and salsa style sauce




CARROT CAKE – Sweetened with dates, with cinnamon and spices


SUGAR FREE BROWNIE – Decadent chocolate brownies served with mixed nuts and chocolate sauce


PUMPKIN CUPCAKES – Moist cupcakes prepared with pumpkin puree


DIET VANILLA POUND CAKE – A rich cake prepared with the moistness of cottage cheese


LIME PIE – A digestive biscuit crust with freshly prepared lemon curd pie topping

Guess these visual treats are enough for you to understand how ‘healthy’ are we really talking about. Post a brief discussion with the founders of Getafix – Dhruv Chawla and Aanandita Chawla, I learnt about their passion for food and the efforts that they have put into constructing a food joint that seriously addresses the health-factors; that we in today’s life look out for.


It took them a good half year and so to purely set down the menu, with inputs from some prominent health and food experts. Their detailing and in-depth study of food can be seen in the preparation of the food that’s been committed to serving nothing but healthy consumption.


And not just the food, but the duo has also put in a lot of efforts in setting up a restaurant which looks refreshing and gives off a positive appearance. Right from painting their walls colourful to setting up lounge-cum-cafe style seats to make the experience comfortable and fun at the same time.



I am definitely going back to this cafeteria and highly recommend a must-visit to all those foodies who love food, yet feel the need to eat healthy.

Must Try – Pink of Health Juice, Morning Kicker Smoothie, Lasagna, Air Fried Fish and Chips, Red Salad, Grilled Fish Burger and Vanilla Pound Cake.

Ambiance : 4.5/5
Food : 4.8/5
Service : 4/5
Value for Money : 4/5
You can visit these guys at:
M-15, First Floor,
Main Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1,
New Delhi 110048