Gillette Venus Myth Busted Vol. 2

October 20, 2015

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I have started using Gillette Venus Razor. So far, so good. Why you ask? Well, because of the crazy deadlines and almost no time to invest in a salon day, this razor has become my saviour for hairless skin.

Now with the festive season all lined up for the rest of month, it is becoming more and more difficult to take out some pampering time. And with the last league of summer slowly diminishing into a Fall fever, this is my last chance to wear sleeveless silhouettes before the time to ‘cover it all’ dives in.

Coming back to my experience with razor, especially Gillette Venus Razor in particular, the method has not only become very convenient for me to work with (thanks to its sensitive skin friendly make) but the usage has helped me burst many myths that usually surround this particular hygiene product.


Myth : Razor Changes Skin and Hair Colour.

Busted: This bizarre myth about the usage of razor and discolouration/change in colour of skin and hair has no scientific base at all.

Razor, in anyway, does not effect the wellness of the skin and nor does it tweak the colour of the unwanted hair in any way. Their might be some chemical reactions if someone uses the local hair removal creams, but the same cannot be associated with Gillette Venus Razor, or any kind of razor for that matter.



I have now adapted The Gillette Satin Care shaving gel to my hair removal procedure. It is always advisable to use the steps of products of the same range of a brand, rather than mix-matching products depending on the likeability. Reason being that each product is chemically complimentary towards the other product, which results in achieving the best the range can offer.

Gillette Satin Care shaving gel makes the process more smooth and leaves behind well moisturised skin. However, like I had stated earlier, Gillette Venus Razor or any of its products do not leave behind damaged hair or skin.

I will soon be sharing an insight on what Gillette range aims at achieving and the key points that makes this range of hair removal products a big hit among busy women of today’s life.

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