Gillette Venus Razor Experience (Verdict)

November 5, 2015

Their is often a debate on whether one should use razor for unwanted hair removal or opt for a professional waxing technique. Many people also debate on the fact that hair removal is not necessary and that everyone should embrace their natural instinct. Well, I fall in the category who believes in maintaining a smooth and silky skin rather than matching hairlines with men (tee hee!). But if we purely focuse on the procedure of unwanted hair removal, then I can definitely vouch for using razors over waxing for a better hairless day!

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If you’ve been following earlier feeds on my experience with Gillette Venus Razor, you’l remember that I took up their #SusbscribeToSmooth challenge and swore to use razor technique for a month instead of the regular waxing rituals. Having been a switcher between razors and waxing procedures in the past, I was pretty well acquainted with both the forms and somewhat knew that the myths around using razors are mere false claims and nothing else.

However, since Gillette offers a complete hair removal solution, with skin moisturising benefits, the adaptation to this Venus Gillette experience was different and much better than its counterparts.

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Why should one use razors?

One of the major reasons why I find razors convenient over waxing is its time usage. While waxing takes at least an hour or so to fix up an appointment and get the procedure done, razors easily remove unwanted hair in less than 10 minutes time (depending on your usage experience and convenience). Also, while waxing can mostly be taken in parlours only (god forbid the stickiness and unhygienic experience) situation I’ve fallen into while trying to wax at home, razors are portable and can be used anywhere; in a jiffy.

If we talk about the waxing tools (eg. spatula) that are used at parlours, then these general tools are often used to wax many customers in one go. Sure, they maintain a hygienic approach towards handling the tools and often sterilize them, but still how clean and healthy are these public tools to use repeatedly anyway? Whereas a razor remains your personal property and absolutely hygienic if sterilized and used properly.

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When it comes to ‘value for money’ then sure waxing gives you a longer hair-free experience at a cost, but usage of razor comes in at a very cheap price too and can be used as frequently as your hair-growth demands, without effecting your pocket much.

Disadvantages of using hair removal creams?

While I strongly believe in the policy ‘To each his own’, their is no denying the fact that hair removal creams are definitely not safe to use on a regular basis. Unlike myths that surround razor usage, disadvantages of using hair removal creams are scientifically proven and are quite content to ignore. Right from leaving patches, skin discolouration, dehydrated skin, pungent chemical smell and burnt skin (sensitive skin); hair removal creams are definitely not ideal for regular usage.

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My Shaving Experience

How to shave?

Shaving is a no-fuss affair with easy-to do manual and requires minimal efforts. Follow the steps given below to have a #SubscribeToSmooth experience using Gillette Venus Razor:

  1. Take some amount of the body scrub on your finger tips (I am currently using The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Scrub) and massage off the dead skin delicately. Wipe out the residue with a damp towel.
  2. Now that your skin is moist and warmed up for razor, spray Gillette Satin Care foam on the skin and slowly lather up the foam all over the affected area. Gillette Satin Care foam ensures softening of the hair that makes razor removal technique smoother and quicker. The healing ingredients included in the foam also ensures a moisturised skin, post razor procedure.
  3. From downward to upward strokes, start using the razor on your lathered up skin. Do not put pressure on the razor and repeat the procedure on the same area if need be.
  4. Clean up the razor during the process if the foam seems to have settled onto the blades, effecting smooth usage.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the hair removal, sprinkle water on to the skin and wipe it clean with a damp towel.
  6. If the need be, apply a fine layer of moisturiser to close down the pours and add extra hydration to the processed area.

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Shaving Tips

  1. Start from the bottom and apply the razor upwards. The idea is to apply the razor in the opposite direction of the hair growth, ensuring finer hair—removal.
  2. Try and razor every 4th day (depending on the pace of your hair growth) to ensure smooth skin at all times. New growth will come off smoothly if followed in a shorter hair removal span.

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One should definitely try out razor as the hair-removal option at least once in their life to understand the goodness of the procedure. Go ahead and take up th #SubscribeToSmooth challenge to fall in love with your smoother skin instantly!

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