Sula Fest With Gionee S6s Smartphone Review

March 14, 2017

Music fests are all about music, good wine, great company and a greater technology to capture the moments for life. And that’s exactly what I had aimed to do on my trip to attend the Sula Fest at Nashik couple of weeks back. And to keep up with the definition of natural light + spot lights that the arena experienced throughout the course of 3 consecutive days, I put to test Gionee S6s smartphone.

Gionee S6s_9

I took this phone on testing for my entire Mumbai 2017 trip, took photos everywhere, in every kind of light possible, with as much zoom possible and I can let the photographs do the talking for you.

Gionee S6s_3

Now before I go on sharing my experience on its camera quality, interface usage, processing and battery life, let me first introduce you to the specifications of Gionee S6s smartphone. Gionee S6s consists of a 5.5 inch IPS In-Cell display with HD resolution. Runs on 1.3Ghz MediaTek 6753 octa-core processor with 3GB RAM. The smartphone has an inbuilt storage of 32GB and is expandable using microSD card as well.


Gionee S6s_5

Sleek, lightweight and smart is my definition of describing its look. It comes in two shades of colours, Latte Gold and Mocha Gold. The one that I reviewed was Mocha Gold. I liked the metallic sheen finish of its back cover with the front dipped in matt mocha and black.

Gionee S6s_4


The sleekness of this phone makes it more portable with easy grip handling experience. Amidst all the crowd and chaos, not even once did I lose the grip of it.


Gionee S6s_20

Quite easy to use with some great inbuilt apps that come in handy upon usage, I found it easy to operate and customise it for my need. The phone comes with in-built basic social media apps like Facebook and Instagram that eased out the troubles of going through the downloading and installing process of these basic necessity apps in today’s times.


Honestly, the phone lasted me an entire day, with the need to charge it post a good 9 hours. And we’re talking about being constantly on the social media with updates, clicking photographs and taking a lot of video footage as well.

Gionee S6s_25


Gionee S6s_18

As far as the specifications are concerned, the smartphone consists of a 13MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and auto-focus detection facility with LED flash. The front camera is a whooping 8MP with f/2.2 aperture with LED-Flash which is basically also the highlight of this particular handset by Gionee.


Gionee S6s_16

Gionee S6s_19

Gionee S6s_24



Gionee S6s_17

Outdoor photography is the easiest to take in broad daylight. The challenge arises either when it’s the night time with low-light or day time with unwanted exposure. That’s where the smartness of a phone really is put to test. Gionee excelled in letting me take some great photographs throughout the day, under the shade, right under a 12o’clock sun and even in the low evening light.

Gionee S6s_8

Gionee S6s_7

The images that you see here have all been taken with Gionee S6s and the only editing I have done on these photographs is increasing the saturation and adjusting the contrast. One thing worth mentioning is the depth in clairty that stays intact even on zoom.

Gionee S6s_13


One of the most challenging parts of doing photography, be it with a DSLR or even with a smartphone is taking photographs in low-light.

Gionee S6s_6

Gionee S6s_22

Even if the phone comes equipped with flash, we photography enthusiasts prefer not to use the blue tint and rather try and capture the natural look of the frame we witness.

Gionee S6s_1


Gionee S6s_14

A collection of images I that I took in after-sunset light and purely spot/stage lights have come out really great with hardly any noise present. The clarity is spot on!

Gionee S6s_15

Something that’s become one of the most important factors of owning any phone is taking great selfies with it. The one big factor that enhances the selfie taking feature of this phone is its LED Flash light for the front camera as well. I took selfies in low to almost nil light and they turned out to be really great, with no compromise on the colours or the overall brightness of the image captured.

Selfies In Broad Daylight

Selfies In Broad Daylight

In broad daylight, you can use its ‘beautify’ filter to smooth out any acne or blemish on your face, while taking a photograph. Now that’s a great add-on for girls who love taking selfies. Apart from beautify, the camera also comes in with a lot of manual frame adjust options that can be tried out live while taking a photograph. That saves a lot of editing time afterwards, giving selfie-ready images effortlessly.

Images in Low-Light

Images in Low-Light

Coming to he video recording option, the recording is done at 1080p with 30fps feature. The stability of the smartphone was great and I managed to take a lot of videos for an offline compilation without any issues. Even when I tried going live on phone, the camera managed to keep up with the stability, limited jerks and great colour capturing capability at all times.

Given the great in-built storage option along with an expandable memory feature, I had no problems in generating data worth 20GB, without any need of cleaning my storage at any given point of time.


Gionee S6s_26

A great phone at a great price. Must have if you love taking beautiful selfies or require fast app and image processing facility from a smartphone.

You can buy Gionee S6s and get more details about it here, or you can simply visit their website