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July 13, 2014
Bling is everywhere! One of the major parts of styling up is coordinating the right accessories with your ensemble. While India has a major source of bling all around, we the young generation thrive on stocking up artificial jewels and western silhouettes a lot. If you are like me and surf up Facebook for shopping as well, then you know how big a selling market this social network has become. From cocktail dresses, heels to Korean made blings and baubles; the entire wardrobe can be shopped while posting a comment or liking a photograph.
Now the big deal is ‘Which one of them are genuine’. I have had encounters wherein I purchased something considering the image that the retailers showcase but the actual product has differed drastically when received. Bummer, right?

But then there are a few who actually deliver what they had promised at the time of placing the order. One such budding retailer and fashion enthusiast on the social market is Riya Khandelwal. Based in Mumbai (She ships the products pan India), she has a keen eye on picking up just the right accessories for her collection, keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian shopaholics. I can personally vouch for that because when I showed her collection to my photographer, Arusha Sharma, she was keen on ordering a few products right away.
Riya Khandelwal runs a label called Grey Fashion Company. Keen on knowing the lady behind this amazing fashion store, we managed to strike an interview with her. Check it out :

Riya Khandelwal

Tell us about yourself. What is your personal style?
I am a 20 something passionate doer of creative things who happens to have an eye for fashion. I am a graduate in business management and currently looking forward to pursuing my post-graduation. Apart from this, I have an innate love for photography that drove me into getting a formal education to learn various set of skills and technicalities involved with it and I only happened to love it even more. I took a step forward and founded my own company called Pixollage last year.

My personal style is to be comfortable with what you put on and my trick is to keep it simple yet classy.

How did you start Grey Fashion Company? What motivates you to take it forward?
Since I was a child I have always been in awe with the fashion industry and I knew that I had a zest for it. I believed in my abilities and took a leap by launching my own fashion company. My vision came into existence this year when I founded GFC. I believe fashion is an art and through GFC I want to voice it out to as many people as I can.

GFC empowers you to get that style and mix-match of right fashion elements that will make you stand out in the crowd and make a statement.

What is the most important trend you see in the online fashion world?
The online fashion industry was not very prominent a few years ago. But now as people and the idea of what fashion means to them is evolving, I see a change in the mindset as they seem to be comfortable with online shopping. Call it the upcoming trend in our country, but online shopping is the current hottest way to revamp your wardrobe.

What are your ambitions for Grey Fashion Company?
I want to see Grey Fashion Company as the place where people get to visualize and define what fashion means to them. With every piece handpicked and selected by me, I want GFC to be a personal stylist to all the fashionistas out there!

What are your hobbies?
I am a passionate photographer and I also find solace in cooking and listening to music. When I’m on my own, you will find me flipping through fashion mags and I am also a trained classical singer.
What will the first time visitors find in your store?
Our tagline ‘Right price, right store’ surely attracts a lot of customers. The first time visitors will find trendy and classy clothes, beautiful accessories, stunning bags and much more for a very reasonable price.
Apart from interviewing and surfing through her collection (worth a big shout out!), Riya was helpful in making me pick some of the items for my own personal possessions. So girls, if you are in doubt as in what to shop, simply drop her an email at and she can be your personal stylist too!
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Now if you are drooling over these highly fashionable products, go ahead and pamper yourself with some things from Grey Fashion Company.
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