Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Range

April 4, 2016

Lip care is on top of every girl’s mind and it is incomplete without a decent lip balm. Not to mention the role of a lip balm when it teams up with Kajal to give us that minimal look we all are always vying for! I keep no inhibitions in admitting that chapped lips make me really uncomfortable. Moreover, it keeps me distracted from whatever I am supposed to be doing.

Himalaya Lip Care Details

Being an admirer of non-artificial stuff, I always seek 100% natural products. However, most of the brands available in market use petroleum and silicone substances and contain preservatives. My aunt understood the issues I had and suggested me to try Himalaya Herbals Lip Care range. A combination of safety and satisfaction in a product was hard to find until I laid my hands on Himalaya’s herbal range of lip balms.

Himalaya Lip Care Pack Details

I find it convenient and easy to trust a brand like Himalaya that has not only been in business for more than seven decades but also guarantees the goodness of Ayurveda owing to their commitment to herbal tradition.

Himalaya Lip Care Product

They made strides in products of personal care and wellness in 1999 and have ever since offered us the fruits of their constant. This time Himalaya has come up with a luxurious and glamorous range of lip balms which is sure to appeal to the youth.

Himalaya Lip Care

The Natural Soft Vanilla Lip Care is a luxurious lip balm which helps us combat dryness and further softens the lips. It has an anti-inflammatory characteristic which heals chapped and damaged lips.

Himalaya Lip Care Range_2

There is Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care that will not only give extra protection but also make the lips naturally glossy. It shields the sensitive skin from environmental damage by repairing, healing and moisturising the lips. What you get in the end are soft and supple lips!

On the other hand, the peach kernel oil acts as an amazing moisturising agent in Peach Shine Lip Care balm. It nourishes and rejuvenates lips. The peachy shade is made of 100% natural fruit, making it safe to use.

Himalaya Lip Care Range_1

The antioxidants of litchi lend protective powers to the Litchi Shine Lip Care balm. It makes the lips glossy and younger looking. Whereas the yummy Strawberry Shine Lip Care balm comes with the goodness of apricot kernel oil that is a rich source of Vitamin E.

Himalaya Lip Care Product Description

These fruity and delectable flavours/fragrances are a must-try. I personally loved the peach balm and litchi balm!

The soothing Castor oil is a common ingredient in this range, it leaves the lips softer and supple. The best part is that these balms do not feel sticky or oily in use. Which means, their usage is ideal during the sticky summer season as well?

Himalaya Lip Care Welfare

Definitely one thing that could have been a brownie point for the balm is SPF protection which it currently lacks. It does not glide on application, however,  after sometime it smoothens. The strawberry balm has a granular feel, although for some it may feel like applying some real strawberry. Overall at this price, this is a pretty good, healing and moisturising range of lip care which I would definitely recommend to anyone who is sick of artificial stuff and is looking for a change.

You can purchase the Himalaya Herbal Lip Care Range from – www.himalayastore.com