Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask Review

October 17, 2016

Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask is unlike your regular masks that promise soft, glowy skin. Because it provides you a much deeper sense of ‘mask-cleaning’ your face. And with the biggest reason of skin related problems being the harsh sunlight, this Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask is everything you need to take care of the dullness and ageing symptoms that arise out of a sun-tan.



On my review-table for this month, I am quite happy with the results so far. Given that October is all about Indian festivities of 2016, I was actually looking for some home-remedies to keep a check on my facial cleanliness, give the fact that a lot of outdoorsy events have (and will be) taken place this month.



Quite light, travel friendly and neat. The flip-cap squeeze bottle ensures no leakage of the product and provides hygienic application. A well informative packaging with easy-directions manual to use the product.



Simply squeeze out a finger full of the mask gel and spread evenly on the face and neck area. The consistency of this mask is thicker than the other regular gel masks, the product doesn’t drip and smooths out very easily on the face. Due to its thick consistency, the gel doesn’t dry off immediately, letting the applier spread the product on the skin conveniently.


But of course, the peel-off mask has a tangy orange fragrance that provides a refreshing feel upon application.

The fun part is, removing the mask from your face. Post 15 minutes of application, you can start peeling off the mask from your face. The mask is gentle on the face, eliminating any harshness or scratch on the skin; upon peeling. You can either wash your face post peeling, or simply pat your face with a wet towel and finish the process with a cooling gel-based moisturiser.himalaya-orange-peel-off-mask_8

About Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask

It is an effective blend of natural skin lightening extracts of Orange Peel and Honey which helps reduce skin tan from first use. Orange peel helps control melanin synthesis and peeling action helps remove tan and lightens skin tone. Honey soothes and moisturizes skin.



Apply Tan Removal Orange Peel-off Mask evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Allow the mask to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently remove the peel from the side of the face. Advisable once or twice a week, based on skin type. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin.


Will I buy it again?

Yes! Definitely.

Worth the money?

A very pocket friendly product. Apt if you are travelling and don’t have water supply to cleanse face pretty often. Also, the travel friendly leak-proof packaging makes it a winner!

The Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask is priced at Rs.130/- for a 100gm bottle.

Visit your nearest drug store to grab your very own Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask.

You can also visit http://www.himalayastore.com/ if you wish to purchase it online.