Himalayan Orchard Pure Collaborates With Masaba Gupta

August 10, 2017

If you’ve been spotting Himalayan Orchard Pure Flavoured water bottles in the supermarket, I’d suggest you grab all three flavours and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed. The flavours are refreshing, contain a very nominal ratio of sugar content and can be taken as a great post lunch/sugar-rush or evening on-the-rocks drink.


Launched just recently, the Himalayan Orchard Pure flavoured water range has become a talk amongst food lovers and health-enthusiasts alike. Being a witness to the launch, I got to try these flavoured drinks first, which are entitled to change the algorithm of drinking healthy and feeling content at the same time.

Himalayan Orchard Pure_2

Did you know that Himalayan Drinking Water is actually collected, packaged and bottled from the Himalayas? Which means upon consumption, we get to drink the purest form of water available in India. Adding natural flavours to this, Himalaya Orchard Pure mineral water by NourishCo Beverages Ltd, is the latest to hit the ‘all natural products’ market. What caught my attention is that it is bottled in easy to carry containers. Another point that I liked was that this water is supposed to contain all the natural minerals found in water naturally, and many of the others added to it.

Himalayan Orchard Pure_4

Speaking about myself, I have a really intense sweeth tooth. Which means, I cannot do without drinking something sweet on a daily basis. Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral Water not only provides a sweet fruity flavour to the drink, but the purest collection of water ensures my body staying hydrated at all times as well!

Himalayan Orchard Pure_3

Himalayan Mineral water has enhanced the flavour of its water with three different flavours like Peach, Apple and Strawberry. So, now you have naturally flavoured drinking water. This water is available at just Rs 55 for a bottle of 500 ml in in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Himalayan Orchard Pure_1

Now here’s the greatest news of all! Masaba Gupta has collaborated with Himalayan Orchard Pure mineral water for her next Lakme Fashion week. She says this Lakme Fashion week festival will have 35 new looks. All these new looks are completely based on the purity and freshness of nature just like the Himalayan Orchard pure mineral water with all three different flavours Peach, Strawberry and Apple. She was here in the Capital City Delhi NCR for the launch event. She also added that her complete collection this year is going to be really colourful and at the same time it is going to be pure like Himalayan pure mineral water. She loves fruits and she is now going to showcase them in her next designs. She did this many a times in the past as well and now the same repeats in her future designs as well.

I can’t wait to witness how she incorporates the element of Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral Water range into her collection. Speaking about the range, then all three flavours stand out as a refreshing drink, but my personal favourite has to be the strawberry flavour of all. Have you tried the range yet?

For more details visit http://www.himalayanmineralwater.com/