#IForEye – A Titan Eye Plus Initiative

April 26, 2018

Exchange offers are quite common nowadays, aren’t they? I mean you literally have exchanges offers almost on everything! But have you heard of exchange on spectacles? Yup, you heard me right! Exchange on spectacles! And what if I told you that this exchange story has an amazing initiative behind it?

Titan Eye Plus1

Did you know that more out of the 550 million people in India who are in need of eye correction, a majority of them cannot even afford it? So to help those very people, at the end of the month long campaign, Titan Eye Plus will collect every eye glass that have been given in exchange, repair the frames fit for re-wear and hand it over to Goonj who will further distribute them to the underprivileged people of India who need them the most! That is what the whole Titan Eye Plus #IForEye campaign is all about!

Titan Eye Plus6

I mean who would have thought of something like this? What an amazing innovative concept it is! Being a fellow spectacle wearer, I am personally really thrilled that such a concept has been introduced and I am sure that all the other spectacle wielders out there will also find this initiative brilliant, to say the least!

Titan Eye Plus2

Titan Eye Plus3

And if this incentive was not enough to get your glasses exchanged, the campaign also offers you a discount of flat 20% on lenses and frames as well! Can it get any better than this? I mean you would be contributing in making someone’s life better AND getting a discount for that? Still cannot get over it!

Titan Eye Plus has recently introduced two new ranges! Their INFINIA Collection by Titan House Brand Frames and their Titan Eye Plus New Flip-On Collection!

Titan Eye Plus4

The Titan Eye Plus Flip-On Collection addresses a major problem that all spectacle wearers face, especially in summers! Wearing sunglasses while having high-powered eye glasses! Now, thanks to the Flip-On Collection, you can wear your regular spectacles and also have them convert into sunglasses whenever needed! All you need to do is clip on those amazing shades to your eyeglass when stepping out into the sun and clip them off when you are ready to use your regular eye glass! And by clip on, I mean simply bringing the sunglasses frames up and close to your reading glasses, magnetising the combination and resulting in a smooth clip-on experience.

Titan Eye Plus8

The designs are so trendy and this Flip-On functionality so fine, that one can’t feel or notice the difference between the double layered frames. The only thing missing from this great combination is having an array of flip-on sunglasses to go with one frame, so that I can make my girls jealous by adorning a new look everyday!

Titan Eye Plus7

Apart from this, their New INFINIA Collection too has some wonderfully beautiful frames that apart from being able to add a touch of elegance to any given outfit, also serve their purpose exceptionally well! Not just that, but I am absolutely obsessing over their ombré dual shaded frames that I won’t mind adorning with a casual day or travel look, without feeling completely geeky, as stereotyped.

Titan Eye Plus9

Titan Eye Plus5

This initiative by Titan Eye Plus is truly a unique one, but you better hurry if you want to indulge in some good frame game this summer, since the offer is a time bound one! Hurry to your nearest Titan Eye Plus store before the 14th of May and pronounce yourself as the proud owner of some one-of-a-kind glasses as well as being a participant towards the cause! I know I am ready to do the same!