Indian Fashion Trends That Made History

August 15, 2015

Happy Independence Day to all my ‘Desi Swaggers’! Hope you’ve all had an inspiring start of the day with a power packed speech by Mr. Modi over a cup of your hot Darjeeling Tea. The history of our country’s Independence is truly remarkable. Although we can never analyse the depth of struggle that our heroes put into giving us a free world that we live in now, such notable days are still worthy of paying tribute to our heroes and remembering them for their work and sacrifices.

Their are several ways in which Indians celebrate the Independence Day. While some opt to fill their social media feeds with inspiring posts, few celebrate the day by watching historic movies over a palette of Indian cuisines; and then their are some who put up their best ethnic avatar to add on to the celebrations. Everything tangerine, green and white is their motto. Well, I too have been shuffling through my wardrobe, trying to pick the right trio coloured #ootd for the day. But don’t you think the same trio style every independence day has become a bit mundane?

Well, for those who are feeling patriotic and are looking at adopting it to their personal style, how about a throwback to our Indian history and the styles of our great heroes? Fashion is a piece of art that too strives on inspiration that can float in from almost anywhere. On the occasion of India’s 69th Independence Day, presenting to you a list of some remarkable trends that were sworn in as a signature by our great Indian Heroes. Take a look!


The Gandhian Glasses_Kalapalette

The father of our nation was known for his khadi drapes, a walking stick in hand, kolhapuri flat chappals and his famous round reading glasses. The simplicity of these wired frames were soon taken over by many a famous personalities and fashion houses, transforming these into an evergreen trend. Take it Mahatma Gandhi’s way of wearing them as plain reading glasses or ante it up with a dash of colours for a more quirky number.


Bhagat Singh Hat_Kalapalette

Bhagat Singh’s general style comprised of a turban. However, it was this ‘Felt Hat’, purchased somewhere in December 1928, that became Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s signature style. The hat was a part of his guise Army officer costume that Bhagat Singh wore to escape twice. Style it up in pure wool, cotton or even straw hat design.


Nehru Jacket Trend_Kalapalette


The attire of our Indian politicians now is incomplete without a ‘Khadi Nehru Jacket‘. The norm that was early recognized as the signature style of Chacha Nehru has trickled down as a much celebrated menswear trend as well. While many stick to a khadi bandh gala for the summer season, over the years, the Indian fashion designers have added their touch of prints and embroidery to this ethnic menswear trend of India.


rani laxmibai earrings_kalapalette

If you’re a fashion lover, then you’ll be well acquainted with the earcuff trend. While most of us associate it with the western culture, it is very much Indian in nature and dates back to as early as the 1500’s. A celebrated jewel of Maharashtrians, earcuffs were often worn with a hair string-pin for extra support. Rani Laxmi Bai was one such freedom fighter, who maintained her queen-avatar by adorning royal jewels even to the war ground. One such iconic jewel of her attire were these earcuff earrings.

Although this post is an amalgamation of fashion and our freedom fighters, the sentiments of celebrating Indian Independence Day are very much patriotic and in the same spirit. Their are certain ways we all celebrate such occasions and this is Kalapalette’s style of presenting the story to you all. Vande Mataram!