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Victoria’s Secret VERY SEXY NOW Fragrance

January 27, 2017

A Brume Parfumée by Victoria’s Secret That Reminds You of The Beach. Literally!  As the title quite suffices what this article reviews, I indeed am talking about an iconic Fragrance range introduced by the Perfume leader, Victoria’s Secret in 2016, which is everything the beach experience is all about. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now Range which is available in both EDT and Fragrance Mist consistency is a mix of sand, coconut, fruits and florals. Everything that transforms beach into a romantic rendezvous with mother nature. So for those who miss beach-vibes or cannot get over their scores of Piña Coladas, then this fragrance range is for you! Call it a part of my ‘Thailand Haul’, having limited scope of spotting VC fragrances in the Indian market, I had to invest in at least 1 body mist to curb my fetish of collecting perfumes. I already own three mists from Victoria’s Secret traditional ranges and this one adds on as a more eclectic perfume with an ode to a natural entity.  Speaking about the perfume, following are the basic details to make you understand what Very Sexy Now is all about :  Launch Year – 2016 Top Notes – Coconut Nectar and Fruits Middle note – Pink Lotus Base Notes – White Musk, Sand and Vanilla  The strong essence of Coconut in this concoction reminds you of beach getaways, is quite summery and I can say a very romantic fragrance (#ValentinesDay2017) at that. The longevity of the fragrance on body is approximately 8-10 hours, while it lingers on the clothing for a good 3-4 days. Bought this from Pattaya for around 550 Baht which is equivalent to Rs.1,100/- in the Indian market. I think the price is value for money since these fragrance mists last at least 2-3 years for me, upon …

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The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine

May 24, 2016

The first time I laid my eyes on The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine parfum range, I knew that this fragrance edition needs to be added to my personal collection asap! I have always preferred floral fragrances over fruity scents and this one was an instant hit with me. Boxed in a very artistic packaging, the Indian-ness of this edition reflects well right from treating your eyes to your smelling senses! As per the older reviews available online, the packaging was very different which has been customised and restocked on the extensive demand of the product. What’s The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine? Since ancient times, Indian women have used jasmine flowers to perfume and adorn their hair. Jasmine’s small, fine flower reveals a strong scent that reaches its most powerful intensity at night. In India, we extracted Jasmine essence from hundreds of freshly-picked flowers to compose a unique warm and intensely heady white floral fragrance at heart deepened by notes of sandalwood and vanilla. My Experience Hands down, I have been sold on the idea of Mughal inspired Jasmine fragrance by The Body Shop. Having been born and brought up in Delhi, I have always had a soft corner for everything Mughal. The wild bushes of Jasmine flowers are spread across the capital city of India and are loved and enjoyed by every resident of the city, each summer! Loved the Orange against a monochrome Mehendi design packaging of this one. The actual EDT bottle is a glass bottle and has has an old fashion parfum silhouette to match the Mughal feel of it. The fragrance is of medium strength with a base tone of course being the jasmine flower. The top and medium notes consist of a strong tangerine hint which evolves from the concoction of orange, sandalwood, musk and vanilla fragrances. I can …

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The Body Shop Black Musk EDP Review

March 1, 2016

The Body Shop Black Musk might sound like a super dark concussion of ingredients that might be a little too powerful for a woman’s application but it is actually a balanced blend of fruity and sweet ingredients. This fragrance is not at all dark, but has a powerful spirit that definitely stands out amongst the array of musk based EDPs that are available in the market. The newest fragrance addition to The Body Shop’s huge range of fragrances is the ‘Black Musk’ range that comes in perfume, EDT and EDP formula. When I first lay my hands on this bottle of goth, I was prepared to whiff overpowering tones of musk with faint hints of vanilla. But to my surprise, the formula is a pleasing balance of black vanilla with hints of musk with the sweet notes of a pear. Prolly this is the reason why it has been introduced as being ‘naughty & nice’ as it tends to blend in the powerful base notes with feminine top notes. The Packaging Honestly, I am quite happy with its packaging. Especially the EDP, that comes in a compact black bottle which is light, strong and easy to apply. The entire black with violet colour scheme of the packaging stands out amongst other delicately packed fragrance bottles by The Body Shop. It is definitely travel friendly and fits in even in my hand bag without the fear of spoiling the contents upon uncapping. The Usage I spray the EDP behind my ears and on my front neckline. The fragrance lasts for a good 4-5 hours with all the notes settling in within a span of 30-40 minutes. About the Black Musk Range Become brazenly seduced by the dual scent persona of Black Musk Fragrance. The Body Shop’s Black Musk Fragrance is the darkest and …

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NIVEA Sensitive Whitening Deodorant Contest

May 12, 2014

Summers are all about breezy super cool way of dressing up. While some of us can totally rock up a sleeveless bandage dress, many women feel the other way round for their uneven underarms.  If the very idea of wearing a halter neck top excites you, but you drop the idea because of your zero confidence on flaunting your arms, then this giveaway is for you!  NIVEA Sensitive Whitening Deodorant has tied up with Kalapalette to give YOU (Or your partner) to flaunt confident underarms; and are giving away some shopping sprees to 4 lucky winners. Check out how Anushka #GoSleeveless WIN SHOPPING WORTH Rs. 1000/- 4 Weeks, 4 Winners WEEK – 1 Winner – Sunita Chang WEEK – 2 Winner – Jyotsna Vibha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to win? Like NIVEA & KALAPALETTE on Facebook. {Mandatory} 2. Follow NIVEA & KALAPALETTE on Twitter. {Mandatory} 3. Share with us a quirky tagline on ‘Alcoholic free deodorant’!{Mandatory} 4. Follow us on Instagram {Brownie Points} 5. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. {Brownie Points} 6. Tweet ” Win @Nivea_India #gosleeveless #hamper on #Kalapalette -> “ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mention your name, email id and city along with the steps you have followed. Kindly Note : Complete all mandatory entries to be eligible for the competition. All the entries will be thoroughly checked before announcing the winner. As the contest revolves around going sleeveless and being confident when you wear sleeveless.  The Myntra vouchers can be redeemed only for Sleeveless Apparels.  The Contest will end on 2 June, 2014. The winner will be announced on 3 June, 2014. BEST OF LUCK EVERYONE! 😉 * The prizes will be delivered by  Nivea team. The blog and blog-owner are not liable for delivery discrepancies.  *Participants must be 18years age or must have parental consent. You need to provide your address in case you win.

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October 1, 2011

Well usual fashion tips everyone gives, like wear scarf in different ways,or pull up some linen over some cloth and slosh it off with a belt or accessory.Well I believe in crazy stuff So my tip is also crazy… :p We all go for what to wear,what to match,what to fusion and what to blend.Its all EYE MATCHING!! In other words,what appears cool to our eyes.Well I blend the sense of SMELLING into FASHION…..WHICH PERFUME/MIST TO “WEAR” WITH YOUR DRESS!! :p I am providing 10 examples of the type of perfumes to go with the type of dress you are wearing.Different styles different perfumes/mist… Because as the fact is….the smell reaches our senses wider than the eyes….Let what we smell intro to what we wear 😉 Its a crazy and wild tip but yeah…ITS MINE ^_^ 1.SUN DRESS – This dress is something you will be wearing maximum time of the year….When we talk about SUN DRESS we talk about the open air,bright sun,open space,loads of fresh breeze passing by….And when we talk about SUN DRESS, we talk about something to do with SUMMERS too…so for this lot I have :                     Touch of Sun                                       Privet Bloom                              Fendi perfume                     By Lacoste                                     By Hampion Sun                               By Fendi 2.FLOWER PRINTS : I don’t need to say much about …

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