Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Campaign + Contest

June 5, 2015

Because our nature too needs equal pampering as we please our own selves. The beauty brands nowadays promote organic products and add on to saying that preserve mother nature, but do they really mean it? Putting on organic make up is absolutely pleasing, but what happens when you try to remove it? Loads of toxic cleansers and ample amount of water usage. Does that really count in as a ‘eco-friendly’ initiative? I assume, not!

The internationally renowed Korean beauty brand, Innisfree, has thought beyond by introducing some genius eco-friendly campaigns that truly add on the organic approach of skin-care and beautification.

One such initiative by Innisfree is their ‘Eco Handkerchief Campaign‘ that is apt for the summer season.



Green is the new buzz word. Reduce, reuse, recycle is a phrase that is being emphasized today. Whether sustainability has always been part of their corporate DNA or not, brands are trying to demonstrate to consumers that they are ecologically conscious. More and more beauty brands are taking a healthier, more eco-focused approach to not only their products, but also their manufacturing. Spearheading this sensibility, is premium South Korean beauty & wellness brand Innisfree.


Innisfree is dedicated to finding the purest natural ingredients and harnessing their virtues within the eco-friendly containers innovated through nature conscious research & development. Sharing the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. Innisfree has initiated a unique culture, that of green awareness where consumers can actively take part in.

Keeping in tandem with this, Innisfree has made efforts to preserve nature since 2000 and this endeavour continues even today through a series of Green initiatives. Please find below Innisfree’s corporate social responsibility initiatives namely, Eco-handkerchief & Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign

This June, Innisfree will give away limited edition eco-handkerchief with purchase of over Rs.2000/-.

I am absolutely awestruck by these cute seasonal handkerchief prints and thought of including them into my style quotient. Check out the two D.I.Y.s that I have done using their Autumn special Innisfree Eco-Handkerchief!

1920’s inspired Head Scarf




This DIY will let you step out in the heat in vogue. Easy to D.I.Y. the scarf adds glamour quotient to a simple maxi or a basic blouse-jeans combination.

Back to School Pin-up Pocket



Remember those days when we were young and our mothers used to pin-up a handkerchief on our shirt, so that it becomes easier for us to wipe out our face with it? Well, taking inspiration from my nostalgic form, I thought of incorporating it into achieving kind of a patch-pocket that will work both as an embellishment and utility when needed. Howzzat?

Now that I have given you two reasons to utilize this pretty-please handkerchief, how about celebrating this eco-handkerchief campaign and gift you some wellness from Innisfree?

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Contest



Each winner wins :

1. Innisfree Eco-Handkerchief

2. 1 Innisfree Face Mask Sheet

Mandatory Steps to Participate

1. Follow Innisfree on Facebook –> LINK

2. Comment below and complete “I pledge #EcoHanky #Innisfree campaign and will contribute to a eco-friendly environment by____”

Tell us how will you  contribute towards making your environment eco friendly. Will you water your locality plants, say yes to organic products like that of Innisfree or do you have any other plans?

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Brownie Points

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The contest ends on 17th June & the Winners will be announced on 19th June.

The most interesting answers + most active participants will win!