#IntexAppyOffer – For The Shopaholics

November 26, 2015

Shopping is no longer a tedious affair. With everything going digital in today’s times, shopping too has become a comfortable affair, with a variety of options; just a click away. If surfing through virtual closets was not enough, e-commerce webbies have taken it up a notch and made shopping ‘portable’. Developing several apps to provide a portable and lighter shopping experience on your hand-helds, brands are keen on providing comfier shopping experiences on the go!

What’s Intex ‘Appy Festive Offer’?

While many mobile brands are focusing on developing their products as per demand (heard about a ‘selfie – special’ gadget?), there are brands like Intex who are targeting on bringing about everything in a compact gadget to suit the extensive consumer’s shopping demands.

Intex is currently running their ‘Appy Festive Offer’, which comes in as an additional perk, when one purchases an Intex mobile phone. The offer includes a set of pre-loaded apps worth INR 18,000 which includes an array of discounts and shopping offers. The experience will not only provide a smoother shopping time, but will also offer ample amount of discounts that one can benefit from.

List of ‘Appy Festive Offer’



Shop from Amazon and get a chance to win Gift Vouchers worth Rs.5,000/-

Verdict – With the variety of products that the site has to offer along with their swift delivery services, this one is a win-win situation for those who love shopping online. Forget their regular promotional discounts (which are also good) and think about winning massive discounts, every time you plan on shopping from Amazon.in!?



Register and get a recharge value of Rs.200/- free!

Verdict – I’m sure many of you are well acquainted with the recharge facility of ‘Freecharge’. I personally have lost track of the time when I used to visit my local mobile vendor to get recharge coupons and waste plenty of time in that process. In this busy structure of life, having a recharge app on my phone is nothing less than a blessing. And with Intex offering a collaborative free call-time gift, one just can’t say no to this one!



Register with GoIbibo and get Rs.7,000/- GoCash for Travel Booking.

Verdict – This offer has definitely been my personal favourite offers of all. A whooping Rs.7,000/- worth of travel cash that can be redeemed against flight and train bookings. Now, for an avid traveler like me, this can definitely save up a good chunk of travel money that can be invested in shopping elsewhere (plenty of offers to take advantage of).



Download unlimited music for upto 6 months, Free!

Verdict – Say no to piracy and opt for quality music downloads, absolutely free of cost! This one is definitely a saviour for me since I just can’t get enough of music and the app makes it easier to listen and download; even when you are on the go.

Not just these, but Intex is also providing complimentary offers on Apps like Momagic Magicstore, Cash Gain, Nnishchint and free gaming experience with Gameloft games.

The #IntexAppyOffer is currently valid on Intex Aqua Ace, Aqua Star || 16 GB, Aqua Colours, Aqua Star 4G, Aqua Younger, Aqua Super, Cloud 4G Smart and Cloud Swift.

This festive season, we are the first in the industry to provide benefits worth double the value of the phone through pre-loaded applications that touch everyday life of users.” stated Nitin Goel, General Manager, VAS & Experience, Intex Technologies. (Excerpts from indianexpress)

Why Intex Appy Festive Offer?

  1. Pre-loaded Apps and offers worth double the price tag of an Intex mobile.
  2. Easier interface to make the shopping experience smooth.
  3. Huge shopping discounts that one just can’t say no to.
  4. Perfect gadget for shopaholics!

Why Intex Mobile?

Because it is stylish, has a strong interface, definitely has a sleek design, is pocket friendly and now offers great shopping deals to choose from.

One can also check out their official site to know more about the offers and gadgets that are compatible with #IntexAppyOffer. Visit http://intex.in/aqua-trend/