John Players Play Unscripted – Menswear

May 30, 2016

While our Indian Fashion Runway is still catching up on menswear drama, the retail brands are pushing forward a whole new anti-stereotype propaganda on fashion for men! So much so, that the game is just not about styling it right, but actually breaking free of the memo that every man has been taught under the tagline of ‘Manly way of dressing up’ and engaging in the wave with the best foot (note : denims) forward.

John Players_Play Unscripted01

Now that women have already trended hardcore for a ‘boyfriend jeans’ on the social network, it is time for men to shed the basic denims off for something more candid. John Players is one of those few fashion brands that have been evolving constantly on menswear category, keeping abreast with the latest trend forecasts of the world.

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John Players_Play Unscripted02

And this time of the year, they are playing unscripted to promote denims as the trendsetter of the summer season. Well, you’d anticipate that all you’ll get to see in the collection will be just the denims with maybe some washed acidic affect or those regular ripped fabric threads giving the whole *macho* vibe to the wearer.

John Players_Play Unscripted03

NOPE! You will definitely see hints of the regulars, but John Players has taken another bold step in presenting a denims collection for men which is designed on laser printing technology, holds uni-sexual patterns and patches adding zeal to the comfort and a varied range of colour palette for those who are bored of the regular denims affair.

John Players_Play Unscripted04

Popularly known as JPJ, a.k.a. John Players Jeans not only caters to the trend cravings of a fashionista, but has also been designed keeping in mind the comfort that one seeks during the hot season. Hashtagged #JPJSS16 on the social network, John Players Jeans collection has been crafted with experimental washes, contemporary fits and a stretchable design which is apt for the perfect fit.

John Players_Play Unscripted06

Not to forget the fact, that denims will stay forever in the trend market, this collection by John Players is undoubtedly a beneficial investment as far as shopping it right is concerned.

John Players_Play Unscripted07

Ishaan Singhal of Mayhemisfashion played the role of our model, as he posed wearing the latest collection of John Players #JPJSS16 across the streets of Connaught Place, Delhi.

How did we #PlayUnscripted?

John Players_Play Unscripted05

We opted for a pair of denims that was not blue and showed the many versatile sides of owning a monochrome washed pair of denims. Right from layering up over a tee and shirt combo for a laid back look, to look silhouette-sophisticated with a formal shirt as a match; we tried it all! Oh, if you think that formal shirts are meant to be solid hues and prints-less, think again!

John Players_Play Unscripted10

Apart from their star denims collection, John Players by ITC Group has also introduced a young and laid back collection under the name of ‘Rock and Rolla’ which will be all about laser washes, metallic accents and zipper details. A true rockstar look, this collection is apt for college students and men who like a Goth touch to their sublime work-wear.

John Players_Play Unscripted12

For men who prefer playing the basics and sticking to the colour palette designated to the men’s section, John Players has introduced their ‘True Dark’ range. Not just the dark hue fabrics, but even the denims have been dyed to their deepest tones for a very underlined look. One can team up these dark tones with the earthy fabrics for a vibrant weekend look as well!

John Players_Play Unscripted11

Their ‘Vintage Denim’ collection needs no introduction as it truly speaks about the pure bliss of the denims revolution that started in the 1870s. For those who prefer a more comfortable fabric and still opt for the blue hues of a denim fabric, John Players has introduced ‘Indigo Theatrics’ collection.

John Players_Play Unscripted13

The entire Summer’16 collection of John Players plays around the theme of #PlayUnscripted, breaking the stereotypes of how a man should wear his denims and also engages the fashionista in a man to soak in some more vibrant colours other than the shades of grey. All the collections are currently available at their store across India and come under a very pocket friendly budget to cater to the younger college going generation as well!


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