Kesh King Hair Oil Review

May 24, 2018

“Goodbye Bad Hair Days. Kesh King becomes My Hair’s New Best Friend!”

Hair is the crowning glory. As a kid, I enjoyed styling the hair of my Barbie dolls. Sometimes, I would make a braid, a pony or leave her hair untied. Now, I love experimenting with my hair too, by trying different hairstyles and by accessorizing it. However, all the fun gets over when frequent hair problems play spoilsport. It is disheartening to see big bunches of hair come off while combing.

Changing lifestyles and increasing air pollution are causing premature problems with hair. Every person I know is affected by hair fall, thinning of the hairline, split ends, dandruff and something or the other. There are a plethora of products in the market for different problems, but it is difficult to decide which one is worth trusting? What if a product having chemical ingredients further reduces the hairline? We cannot take risks when it comes to our precious hair! I have always stood by the power of Indian Ayurvedic remedies. Therefore, I tried Emami’s Kesh King which offers One Stop Solution for all hair problems including the most common of all: Hair Fall!

Most of the people prefer to have their mane intact! Due to frequent outdoors traveling, my hair remains exposed to dust, making them dull and weak. My college-going cousin suggested Emami’s Kesh King to me to deal with excessive hair fall. I used Kesh King thrice a week for 3 months and the results were pretty satisfying. Not only did my hair-fall reduce but my hair is visibly healthier now. It is a relief to see lesser hair getting stuck in my hairbrush. Well, but this is not the end, as there are other hair-villains that I have to deal with!

Hair fall doesn’t discriminate as from a six-year-old to a sixty-year-old, everyone suffers from it. For sensitive scalp, we can’t even recommend any xyz product. I, for example, have always struggled with hair fall and Kesh King came to my rescue with its unique time-tested Ayurvedic formula that has no side effects. Kesh King is made from a time-tested Ayurvedic process, ‘Tel Pak Vidhi’, which involves boiling of ingredients in indigenous containers and urns to extract special oils for hair. This leaves my hair healthy and strong.

While hair fall and dandruff are commonplace, loss of locks of hair is faced by selective people. Every day, we see ads of unverified private quack clinics, offering hair transplant and hair treatment. Apart from being too expensive, these involve multiple sittings, there is no information about their side effects and no guarantee of results is provided. In this case, I highly recommend sticking with the time-tested Ayurvedic products. Equipped with medicinal properties of 21 powerful Ayurvedic herbs, it is easier to see how Kesh King promotes hair growth and quickly becomes the best friend of our hair.

After nourishing my hair with Kesh King Oil, I turn to Kesh King Anti-Hair fall Shampoo to get the slick look. In its first application itself, my hair looks silky, shiny and bouncy. My hair has become healthier as the foamy shampoo strengthens the hair roots which reduces hair fall. Kesh King has debunked the myth that using Ayurvedic shampoo makes hair dry and rough. On the contrary, Kesh King helps my hair look healthier, it’s the best shampoo for hairfall.
I often turn to my mother when it comes to natural remedies about hair and she always said that for healthy hair, a good diet including citrus fruits, spinach, carrots, nuts and avocado fruit, is very important. Moreover, she believes there will be no bad hair days if we ditch chemical products and embrace the humble Ayurveda.

In this regard, Kesh King is my first choice owing to its rich Ayurvedic heritage and result-oriented concoctions. Now I can style my hair as I wish and that too without worrying about any hair problems. It surely is the best Ayurvedic oil out there!