Land Rover Experience – Car Review

March 10, 2015
The cars we drive say a lot about us. – Alexandra Paul
From owning a car to driving one, the experience is extraordinary. Be it a car for utility, status or simply fulfilling a dream; the importance of this 4 tiered technology has become a ‘must-have’ entity in our lives. Absolutely everyone remembers the first time they took control of the steering wheels. It’s not about luxury, but more about the feeling of power that captivates our mind towards automobiles.
I might have travelled plenty by cars on a regular basis, but some car rides are different from the daily grind (note – traffic jams and bad weather conditions). Well, Jaguar’s Land Rover team was adamant on giving a few lucky peeps like us; one such ride of a lifetime.

Such commercials look so artificial, don’t they? To be honest, I totally criticise such adverts assuming that these are just exaggerated promotional activities and in real life such critical adventures are not possible. I was about to be proved wrong!

#LandRoverExperience – Freelander

An experience which was way beyond getting the feel of a car and driving it on the smoothed out roads of Delhi. Taking up the challenge of proving what a Land Rover is actually capable of doing, Jaguar sought out one of the roughest terrains in the outskirts of Delhi NCR (Aerocity) to prove their point.


The experience of a lifetime to challenge and polish your driving skills with expert tuition and gain a greater understanding of vehicle control, obstacle handling and how to assess different environments. This includes navigating steep inclines, descents, side slopes and whatever might keep you from being where you want to be.


Barren and adventurous land amidst fine-stay hotels at Aerocity, Delhi.

The Experience
The time I sat inside this oh-so-luxurious (and spacious) automobile, I had no idea as to what we were going to experience. Of course the powerful built of this car wouldn’t have been justified if we were to set off on well manicured roads of Delhi-Gurgaon Highway. As we left J W Marriot’s comfort zone and our instructor guided us towards an un-attended land, our anticipations reached a whole new level. With strict instructions to keep our belts fastened at all times, I couldn’t imagine a reason why so much warnings were being rolled up our sleeves. We were also told to strictly follow the instructor’s guidelines, even if the drive becomes questionable and dangerous.

Dangerous? What could possibly give us a hard time while driving such a car with an instructor, eh? Well, we were about to know that!

With a setup of say 8-10 challenges, we drove towards the first pit point. The idea was to understand and get a first hand experience of what this car is capable of doing. Engaging in its functionality with manual driving skills of the driver, this ride was a pure hands-on experience of the Land Rover.

From falling in unbelievable pits and rising out of them, to the task of driving up a highly steep (and dangerous) path; this ‘joy-ride’ did give us hooked up yet enthralling goosebumps throughout the ride.


Boy! What a feeling it was every time the tires slid on the roughed up surface, creating a cloud of dust and making the adventure all the more challenging,

About Land Rover (Excerpts from Wikipedia)
Land Rover is a brand of the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, which specialises in four-wheel-drive vehicles.[4] Jaguar Land Rover, with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, was acquired by Tata Motors,an Indian company, in 2008

Freelander 2 (Excerpts from

It is reassuring to know that Freelander 2 has proved itself at more severe temperatures and in more extreme conditions than you are ever likely to experience.

Freelander 2 comes with a host of stability control systems to enhance traction by reducing engine torque and applying a unique braking force to each wheel.

The loadspace is as generous as it is versatile. From 755 to 1,670 litres depending on seat configuration, it’s large enough to take you and whatever you need.

Enjoy a safer journey thanks to Roll Stability Control and 7 airbags. In Euro NCAP tests, Freelander 2 was awarded a 5-star rating for Adult Occupant Protection.

On tarmac, gravel, sand or snow, Terrain Response makes sure your drive is responsive, steady and controlled.

For steady hill descent in rough terrain you don’t need to brake as Gradient Release and Hill Descent Controls take you smoothly down.

Give your journey the soundtrack it deserves with the industry-leading Meridian surround sound.

It’s easy to apply the parking brake. Just switch it on to apply and press down to release, or it automatically releases as you move off.

A glance at the vehicle’s purposeful stance and contemporary looks tells you its design cues are of the moment. The Freelander 2’s sleek front and rear lamps, front grille and vent finishers add greatly to the sense of modernity and muscularity.

Rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights and Xenon Headlamps with LED signature lights are just some of the available features not letting the elements get in the way.

The interior of the Freelander 2 has been created to provide a light and airy space that is both comfortable and understated, with simple flowing lines and intuitively places controls. A range of trim options and personal touches help emphasis individual tastes.

Maximum Vehicle Length – 450 CM
Luggage Space – 755 Litres
Fuel Consumption – 12.39km/l
Turning Circle – 11.3M

My Verdict
I am glad that Land Rover team came up with such an amazing experience. Now I know that all those ‘exaggerated’ commercials are actually and example of this beast’s credibility on tough lands. Absolutely awestruck by the power of Land Rover and the look and feel of its exteriors/interiors drives it to be a big hit among girls and guys, equally.

For those who love to travel and adventure is what they seek for, make this beast your drive!

Verdict Chart
Experience : 5/5
Exteriors : 4.5/5
Interiors : 4.5/5
Value for Money : 4/5
Credibility : 5/5

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