LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES” Day – 1 [Part 1]

August 4, 2012
It seems that this year is indeed “Festive” as not only were Summer Fashion Trends full of colors, but LFW Winter 2012 is also seeing a lot of colors. 
Well so here I am presenting to you “ LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES“”
I will bring to you the top picks from the collections shown on each day of the LFW Fall 2012.
In the order of their appearance on Day 1, Part 1, let us look at the best picks from Day 1!!

Gen Next Designers Fall 2012 Collection

Day One of the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 season opened with a great show by the Gen Next designers who displayed to an applauding audience their creations featuring innovative and unconventional fashion. These great finds by Lakmé Fashion Week will once again give the Indian fashion industry the bright young stars to watch out for.
Aniket Satam – A New Fashion Beginning “Aarambh”

Calling his collection “Aarambh” (New Beginning) Aniket Satam’s creations came to life for the designer while reading about the Mayan myth of 2012. Celebrating a new beginning in fashion, Aniket’s layered silhouettes had elaborate tactile texturing to present a creative collection. Shades of milk, ivory, cobalt and ink were splashed on sensuous viscose georgette, cotton jersey, raw silk and velvet. Aniket added embellishments that ranged from hints of gold foil to ghungroos, which highlighted the very unconventional abstract embroidery with splashes of colour.
It was a fashionable awakening that Aniket Satam aimed for with his “Aarambh” collection that will form the highlight of many women’s wardrobes.
Asa Kazingmei – Immortal Fashion “Immortal”

Presenting his collection titled “Immortal” Asa Kazingmei was inspired by the beauty of the Naga Tribe’s textiles of Tngkhul. Unconventional thread work and weaves of the fabrics were highlighted by the creativity of Asa. Interesting lattice work on black and maroon sheaths and stunning abstract prints for asymmetric hemline dresses were the eye-catching additions to his range.
It was a fashionable ode to the immortal spirit of Tngkhul that the designer recreated on the catwalk.
Astha Sethi And Sidharth Arora – A Stylish Androgynous Look “Comical Fellow”

Displaying a cute but quirky androgynous collection, Astha Sethi and Sidharth Arora had a fun line of women’s wear. Shoulder emphasis, sharp constructions and colourful play of hues were used for a line of clothing that had hints of seduction with touches of unconventional style. Calling their collection “Comical Fellow” the designers worked with only blue, yellow and black. The fabrics choice was Lycra, georgette, satin, tulle and organza with an added touch of solid acrylic for collars, shoulder pieces and even capes. The figure hugging pants, the moulded jackets, the jacket dresses, and gowns with corded bodice were a brilliant piece of imaginative fashion and style. For visually arresting glamour, the “Comical Fellow” was a collection which will evoke only accolades.
Kavita Sharma – Intricately Embellished “It’s a Beautiful Life”

“It’s a Beautiful Life” was the collection that Kavita Sharma showed on the ramp which displayed touches of elegance and simplicity. Keeping true to her theme, the inspirations were simple and naive like a telephone booth, children’s park, zebra crossing, ice cream parlour and clock tower which were used for the intricately crafted embellished dresses, long skirts and seductive tops.

Richa Aggarwal – Street Art to the Fore

Street Art in fashion came alive in the collection by Richa Aggarwal. Bringing in a marked touch of desi styling, Richa’s inspiration was definitely rustic as her ideas were drawn from the kitschy colours and style of slum dwellers in the country. The vibrant mix of fabrics and hues of the street was evident in her designs as multi patterned pants, stylish waist coats, cool tops and colourful capris revealed some traditional textiles and crafts.
Sneha Arora – A Fashionable Shift “Paradigm”

Sneha Arora’s collection called “Paradigm” was inspired by her former corporate life, so the designer’s shift to fashion encouraged her to present an interesting line of women’s wear. From cute comfy dresses, to skirts, tops and then onto crisp jackets, trousers and striking dresses; the collection revealed a fresh and stylish take on comfort wear for the busy working women.
Mehak Pruthi, Kanika Seth And Ankit Sharma – Dramatic Construction “Avatar”

Inspired by the fabulous 3D film “Avatar”, Mehak Pruthi, Kanika Seth and Ankit Sharma presented a collection called “Clandestine” that was a visual treat on the ramp. Highly stylised with dramatic construction, the clothes aimed to project a new personality for the wearer. Stretch fabrics, deep tones of purple, acid green and black came to life for body contouring leggings and moulded tops.
The look was almost futuristic with hooded pullover for men and crafted Banaras net jackets with EVA sleeves teamed with net hipsters for women. The EVA effect appeared for double breasted suits, crepe maxi with shoulder blades, tunic with embossed hood and the show ended on a high note with a net maxi dress. For a look that will cause a stir at any event, the designers gave the “Clandestine” collection the arresting detailing. 

Pia Pauro’s Fall 2012 Collection “Espiritu de Mexico”

 Inspired by the embellishments of Mexican folk art and tribal aboriginal art prints; Pia Pauro’s collection called “Espiritu de Mexico” made a great impact on the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012. The clothes had the marked influence of the ancient ruins of the Olmecs, Mayan and Aztec empires along with hints of the rainforests and the beaches of Tulum and Acapulco.
Offering a perfect wardrobe for an Acapulco holiday, Pia’s exotic jungle dresses, sexy swimwear and shorts, breezy sundresses and cool kaftans were part of a colorful collection. The designer also offered versatile jersey dresses; hand embellished cocktail wear in soft pastels and beach shorts with interesting organic bamboo buttons to complete the fun look. The fabrics were organic with cotton, georgette and jersey giving a practical touch to the garments.
Creating the Latino flavor on the ramp, Pia opened with a white embroidered shrug to set the mood of the show. Beadwork was lavishly used for yokes, panels, full dresses as well as the matching beach bags and clutches not to mention the sexy stilettos. The resort prints appeared for spandex jumpsuit, draped dresses, tube sheaths, shorts and shirts.
The evening wear line of will power minis and sexy gowns, some fully encrusted with beads and gold embroidery in the Mexican motifs dazzled on the ramp. Embroidered shorts, figure hugging pants, printed frilly fun blouses and dresses were all ideal for after dark holiday wear.
For the show stopper Pia had the glamorous star of the hit Bollywood film ‘Dhobi Ghaat’ Monica Dogra dazzling on the ramp in a glamorous fully beaded silver jumpsuit.
Nandita and Anuradha Thirani Fall 2012 Collection 
“The Lotus Flower”

The mother and daughter duo of Nandita and Anuradha Thirani gave fashion an ethereal touch at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 with their collection called “The Lotus Flower”.
Inspired by the lovely lotus flower the collection’s simplicity and elegance, which will appeal to women with finer tastes was highlighted by the stylish silhouettes. The colour story revolved around the tones of the lotus – as neutrals were gently combined with black, white, grey and nude.
The silhouettes were easy and languid, which gave the garments a relaxed appeal. The hand painted footwear by Spirited-Soles and the specially crafted jewelry by Nishi Murli from Kusum’s collections completed the look.
For a line that has an ethereal and glamorous creations, Nandita and Anuradha Thirani’s collection gives the right options.
Payal Singhal Fall 2012 Collection  “India in Colour”

Payal Singhal called her collection “India in Colour” and what a fantastic rainbow of hues she presented at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.
It was a kaleidoscopic journey of fashion that moved from the gorgeous Rajasthani pinks; to the vibrant shades of the North and then onto the gentle tones of the East. Payal’s inspiration was very rustic and earthy as she drew lavishly from Indian Adivasi costumes of Kutch and Orissa with an acid neon palette of cyan, fuchsia, lime, cobalt and indigo which all came together on the ramp. The silhouettes remained oriental with kurtas, kaftans, tunics, dresses, short ghagras and kalidar saris, which glittered with intricate peeta, abhla and zardozi work.
The show stoppers were the very sprightly Shibani Dandekar, popular singer, anchor and model, wearing a mirror work asymmetric lehenga with a sexy blouse and the handsome Puneet Pathak, (amazing professional dancer who dazzled audiences in India) wearing an ecru silk kurta and gold Patiala salwars.
Bringing together Indian drama and grandeur, Payal Singhal’s “India in Colour” collection was a feast for the eyes as well as the senses on the ramp.
Jatin Varma Fall 2012 Collection “Dark Angels”

“Dark Angels” presented by Jatin Varma at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 had all the right touches of a Red Carpet couture collection. Elegant, sophisticated with dark Gothic touches; the gowns and minis with distinct power shoulders along with chains, felt appliqué, embroidery, brass, beads and sequins work had touches of feathers to create a dramatic impact.
Jatin gave his Gothic theme a modern twist as the stunning outfits were a feat of imaginative design. The silhouettes were lean and figure hugging with the creations almost moulded to the body, as the embellishments snaked up and down the curves of the garments with a distinct muted glitter.
“Dark Angels” moved away from the soft cuts and showed Jatin Varma’s edgy designing skills that made strong statements with the Gothic touches.
Shradha Murarka of Vizyon Fall 2012 Collection 
“Enlightened Shadows”

“Enlightened Shadows” was the dramatic title of the collection presented at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Fashion 2012 by Shradha Murarka and Ninon Palisse of Vizyon.
It was haute couture inspired by the romantic, mysterious yet seductive eras and poems of dark and enchanting life. To match the look, the colour palette moved from brown, porcelain and black to midnight blue, turquoise and green. Geometrics and abstract shapes appeared for the silhouettes along with embellishments, which revealed the illusion of insects, beetle shells, butterfly wings and cobbled web motifs that gave an unconventional touch.
For dramatic haute couture, Shradha Murarka and Ninon Palisse from Vizyon offered mysterious seductive creations with their “Enlightened Shadows” collection.
What do you have to say about the collection? Which one is your favorite? ^_^

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