LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES” Day – 2 [Part 2]

August 5, 2012
It seems that this year is indeed “Festive” as not only were Summer Fashion Trends full of colors, but LFW Winter 2012 is also seeing a lot of colors. 
Well so here I am presenting to you “ LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES“”
I will bring to you the top picks from the collections shown on each day of the LFW Fall 2012.
In the order of their appearance on Day 2, Part 2, let us look at the best picks from Day 2!!

Sannam Chopra Accessories Fall 2012 Collection
“Medieval Pop”

Chopra plays with a unique concept for her collection titled ‘Medieval Pop’ which focused on the unusual concept involving a story and set in the medieval times, when men would just as a way to garner honors.

Amidst the crowd, there lies a beautiful woman, somewhat amused and intrigued she envisions herself in their attire with an added feminine touch.

The range showcased a number of accessories such as bags, necklaces, cuffs and hair accessories.
Set in regal Swarovski crystals along with imposing large stones the pieces were tastefully bold and large, accentuated by gold chords as well as silver tassels.

Adding a hint of variation some pieces even sported butterflies, bows and leaves. All about strong forms, accentuated by feminine concepts this collection by Sannam Chopra is sure to be a favourite for any cocktail party goer.

Sandhya Garg Fall 2012 Collection 

Inspired by the 1920’s art deco movement, Sandhya Garg’s debut collection was simply electrifying.
Using fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, lace and other easy and feminine materials, the designer worked more on the fine detailing of each piece, treating them like a work of art in their own right.

Youthful, Sandhya Garg’s collection stuck to ongoing trends such as colour blocking and making use of solid pops of colour such as blue, orange, yellow, purple as well as black and grey, which made this range bordering on experimental and yet commercially viable.

The collection comprised blouses, pants, shirts, skirts as well as dresses with the silhouettes being soft yet structured, crisp and clean.

With a concept of 3D embroidery, sequins, feathers, studs as well as specially created metal embellishments in gold and silver, were coupled with leather cutwork detailing, which added a unique trendy touch.

Preppy-chic with a glam industrial look this collection is sure to fly off the racks.

Babita Malkani Fall 2012 Collection “Urbane Nomad-ism”

 For bohemian fashionable chic, Babita Malkani presented her stylish collection called “Urbane Nomad-ism” at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Bringing her unconventional styling details for the asymmetric dresses, maxis, throws, fusion wear and saris, Babita was inspired by the raw earthiness of the African Bushmen of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

To the foot tapping pulsating beats of live music by Anand Bhagat playing the African djimbe on the Australian Didgeridoo; Babita unleashed a kaleidoscope of creations that were a veritable feast for the eyes.

The beautiful colours of the region were reflected in her creations as tangerine, aqua, deep blue, matte brown, blush and sap green came together in harmony with the varied dyeing techniques.

For that great fashion impact, Babita Malkani’s collection “Urbane Nomad-ism” will create the perfect sartorial picture for any woman.

Drashta Sarvaiya Fall 2012 Collection 
“Inspirations from Gustav Klimt ”

With Gustav Klimt’s paintings as her inspiration, Drashta Sarvaiya’s collection for Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 was an elegant classic offering. With shades of white, nude, yellow, and mauve combined with purple, peach and blue, Drashta worked on draped garments to achieve a fluid look. Using light weight brocade with delicate floral motifs and adding double georgettes and crepe; Drashta’s accent was on the peplum as the focal point of the garments, which appeared periodically to highlight the silhouettes. The dresses, trousers, tunics, shirts and skirts glittered with crystal, gold and floral raffia work.
Opening the show with a white silk layered crepe tunic with matching trousers, Drashta proved her versatility with construction and detailing for the utterly feminine garments. The rich embroidered raffia brocade skirt, off shoulder dress, panelled trousers, pleated gowns and layered chiffon floor length ensembles told a creative story that revealed Drashta’s skills in designing.
Using the peplum in the most innovative manner Drashta worked it into trousers, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts to add a flirty touch to the collection. Pleating was used elaborately but at times restricted to just the sides or the front of dresses and tops.
For a stylish contemporary western look, Drashta Sarvaiya’s artistically inspired line had a global appeal.

Sonaakshi Raaj Fall 2012 Collection “Old Cinema Glamour”

 Sonaakshi Raaj teased and tantalised all, with her collection titled “Old Cinema Glamour” inspired from old Hollywood films.
The collection showcased regal formal wear comprising glamorous gowns and cocktail dresses with the silhouettes being a ravishing blend of feminine flow with sleek structure.
With a colour palette boasting nude shades such as blush, ivory, and charcoal, in luxurious materials such as organza, tulle, as well as other sheer fabrics, the designer infused free flowing forms with tight bodices sporting rich, elegant floral work; while cut out backs added a dash of oomph.
Some pieces also ranged from crisp collared tops to flouncy, flirty skirts; thus further elevating the soft, sensuous appeal of this range.
Keeping it simple, the pieces did not flaunt any hard embellishments, focusing on the beautiful paradox of simplicity within careful construction.
Not afraid to add an experimental touch, Sonaakshi Raaj stirred things up with a refreshing red hot dress with graceful sleeves.
Ethereal and timeless, this collection is sure to have you smitten.
Neha Sharma Accessories Fall 2012 Collection “The Jade Tree”

Neha Sharma showcased an enticing collection titled “Jambalaya on the Bayou” under her label, ‘The Jade Tree’.

The range showcased regal, rich pieces most of which were stand alone statement pieces that included an array of necklaces, bejewelled sleek belts, earrings and brooches.

A range of stones cut in different patterns and colours, ranged from shades of orange, blue and white were artistically placed on rich velvet, all tied up at the back with a vibrant coloured bow.

Most of the pieces were asymmetrically cut, allowing for the casual and gradual ‘branching out’ of the embellishments to give each a surreal, naturalistic appeal.

Two of the most notable design features were black gold outlined 3D flowers, as well as a statement piece comprising long gold tentacle-like protrusions.

With her enigmatic and bold collection, Neha Sharma truly showed us that sometimes it’s not just your outfit that does all the talking but these wonderful crown jewels!

Sofake Fall 2012 Collection “Black Velvet”

Sofake intrigues and shocks all with its new collection titled, ‘Black Velvet’. A take on a controversial topic –that of fairness creams, the designers Sapna Bhavani and Sukriti Grover made a strong and bold statement, ‘Black is beautiful so embrace it’.

The all black collection comprised intriguing black on black prints incorporated on structured forms. Power shoulder jumpsuits and vixen dresses were some of the pieces which helped project the mood of the collection – mysterious, daring, beautiful and dangerous.

Fabrics such as silk, velvet and jacquard helped build the sleek and structured bodies, accentuated by simple metal detailing such as eyelets and cut outs.

Use of see-through fabric helped to add a feminine touch to the range while a cape-like top injected an experimental spark.

One of the most striking features of the collection was its distinct blend of Victorian prints with Asian concepts such as the Obe-belt.

Edgy, feisty and yet sophisticated this collection by Sapna Bhavnani and Sukriti Grover is for a diva who likes to make a statement.

Priyadarshini Rao Fall 2012 Collection
“Chair-Worthy Collection” 

 It was a show with trendy and fashionable style directions for a woman’s crowning glory as well as her sartorial preferences. TRESemmé, the global hair care brand presented the luxury prét “Chair-Worthy Collection” by Priyadarshini Rao at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 to a delighted audience.

Featuring seven glamorous hairdos by Dharmesh (Dodo) Hingorani, the audience was taken on an interesting journey of fashion and style as lustrous shiny hair, sleek up-dos, vibrant curls, elaborate creations, gorgeous plaits and intricate braids, some interspersed with ribbons were teamed with Priyadarshini’s creative fashion stories.

Many of the rich brocades for the vegetable printed trapeze jackets and maxis held the attention of the audience. For the final look of the dramatic evening entry, Priyadarshini brought in bits of ecru with gold for layered shapes and lots of sheen for fluid pants, blouses and flowing tops.

For the trendy urban woman, who loves experimenting with her hair styles, as well as her wardrobe options; Priyadarshini Rao’s collection presented by TRESemmé had the right head to toe choices.

Wendell Rodricks Fall 2012 Collection “Timeless”

From Wendell Rodricks, it was an ethereal collection called “Timeless” presented by Himalayan that enthralled the audience during the final show on Day Two at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Inspired by a variety of ideas, which were unconventional – like the zero, the sari, kurta, dhoti, and drapes of Indian garments – Wendell selected colours that have been his favourite. White, black, grey, gold, skin, cranberry, brown were blended skillfully with bright hues of fuchsia, saffron, deep orange, sun yellow and ice glacial water.

Seven shimmering abstract shapes hung from the ceiling of the grand Ballroom at the Hotel Grand Hyatt to denote suspended water bodies; while the blue ramp extended amongst the bright ramp lights.

Mention has to be made of the lovely pink, saffron and yellow ankle strap shoes with silver stilettos which matched the mood of the show.

To a standing ovation from the wildly applauding audience, Himalayan presented a sensational fusion of Indian fashion sensibilities, which were juxtaposed very imaginatively by Wendell Rodricks for his “Timeless” line that will appeal to the stylish fashion followers around the world.

What do you have to say about the collection? Which one is your favorite? ^_^

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