Lifestyle : Absolut Vodka Happened!

February 5, 2013
A few days back I was invited to experience an unusual vodka experience. I usually don’t fall for booze parties, but this was not just any booze party, but an exciting fusion of 
Chemistry weds Alcohol delivers Amusement!
About PCO, The Venue!
Nestled in the secret hide out of Vasant Vihar, PCO, the concept was as interesting as the venue.
PCO can barely be figured out if you are a newbie, and difficult to spot if you don’t ask the locals. The entrance is literally a PCO (Telephone booth), where you are suppose to enter in a code to let the doors open! I felt like a harry potter scene coming to life, the portal to the magical world through a PCO booth! ^_^
What an Idea!
The concept was brainstormed by Absolut Vodka geniuses, making even non Vodka lovers interested. Presented to us were tables full of 200 International ingredients, from exotic fruits to basic spices, we had crazy likes of wasabi and bacon flavored liquor. Another table was filled with chemistry lab equipment which made us more curious to start with. The idea was to let our Frankenstein sides get to work and create one hell of a monster drink!

The aftermath!
Our creations have been preserved by Absolut Vodka team, while we have been handed over a labelled “handmade card”. During the Unbox event  2013, scheduled from 7-10th in Delhi, we can present our card at the Absolut Vodka Bar, and get to taste our evil creations. (Wonder how will mine turn out to be! )
Check out the crazy moments of Absolut Unbox!

My creation : Dil(i)ruba
Symbolizes the elements of Delhi like Rose, Paan, Orange juice, Mint and much more…!

I had an awesome time being a part of this Absolut “Unique” experience.
If you had a chance, what ingredients would you like to include in your vodka eh? (Comment Below) 😉