Lifestyle : The [V] Spot Cafe

February 12, 2013
I am a shameless foodie. Period! Many girls swear by weird diet plans, while I swear by being merry!
So when I saw Blogadda’s offer of reviewing “The [V] Spot Cafe + Bar”, I hit the APPLY button on the blink of my eyes…. *pure evil*
So I visited their Saket, Delhi outlet last Friday night with my folks. Oh Boy! I miss those quirky [V] moments from the television. But it all came back to me when I stepped into this fun Cafe + Bar.
A warm welcome from The [V] Spot Cafe + Bar team seemed promising (and it was!).
Doing an investigation before hand (Yes I am 007!) about other review experiences, I came to know that at a time you can only redeem one voucher (per table rule). Flipping my hair with a *clever grin* I suggested that me and my folks occupy two tables and we get to redeem the two vouchers of R.s.2000/- which I received from… MISSION POSSIBLE! (Bwahahahahaha)
Being pure non-vegetarians we didn’t want to waste our time on souplings (weaklings) and ordered starters.
Check out our menu and experience through mouth watering images!!
Mamma Mia : Hugely popular Italian chicken snack, dredged in secret flour and fried to golden perfection.
Highly recommend for chicken lovers. It does remind you of KFC but trust me… this is way better than KFC chicken when it comes to quality.
 Piri Piri Pizza and Butter Chicken Pizza: Italian thin crust pizzas with very interesting Indian toppings.
For those who can have Butter chicken everywhere and anywhere, try the Butter Chicken Pizza.
Piri Piri Pizza on the other hand could not provoke my taste buds. There was nothing piri piri about it.
Chikibum bum : Spinach and cheese stuffed chicken with mushroom cream sause and fresh pasta.
Called the speciality of this cafe and being recommended by a lot of people, I had to taste this one. Overdose of chicken can be the other name for this delicacy. Chicken was juicy but bland. The spinach (high expectations) could not live up to expectations. The pasta was fresh but again bland for my taste. I had to take up extra chilies to spice it up a lil bit. 
On the bright side, the portions were good enough for a medium appetite person.
Some [V] Quirkiness! (Wish I could capture the restroom epic walls!)
Some [V] Goodies. These will be available for purchase soon! (Yay!)
The [V] Spot Cafe + Bar interior
The only issue with this review was that they did not allow us to take much interior snaps. They mentioned some media rules and regulations… but BAH! I took what I wanted! Tee hee!
The [V] Spot Cafe + Bar exterior
Absolutely loved the neon effect! The bold [V] is good enough to attract the public.
Final Verdict :
Ambiance : 5/5
Food : 3.5/5
Service : 4.5/5
Value for Money : 3/5
A fun place to hang out with your buddies. 
You can personally go check em out at :
G 2, Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, District Centre,
Behind Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Book your reservations at :
011 41665588, +91 8800222158
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