Lipsticks For Brown Girl Under ₹500

July 29, 2016

I just figured, if I’m going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess; right? – Mindy Kaling

We girls really don’t need a reason to put on a red pout, do we? Celebrating World Lipstick Day today, we couldn’t think of anything else to scribble up (it’s a lie. we had to postpone a scheduled post just to make room for this one) on the blog other than just talk about how brilliant this invention has been for womankind!

And, to be honest, we are so done picturing Audrey Hepburn and Katy Perry to give us some lipstick goals. Hello! We reside in a land of brown girls, who are always on a budget (Bhaiya, thoda kum laga lo!). And this combination is easy to crack, with literally no science involved. Also, to burst the myth, brown girls can equally wear any shade of a lippie as much as their lighter (not fairer!) sisters can. So, soaking up some Mindy Mantra, we present to you a list of 5 Lipsticks that Desi Girls can own like a pro! Did we mention that all the lipsticks listed are under ₹500? Yoohoo!




If you don’t have a red lipstick, you are not so blessed! Having a bright red lipstick is a must have, as this one saves you from even a gloomy world. Make sure that you invest in a red that simply pops on your lips, as it tends to make you look brighter and livelier.


mindy_nude lips


Get a nude lippie that matches your skin tone right. If you think a shade is too light for you, blend it with a darker red or plum shade to achieve the perfect nudey. This works well when you are trying to stay classy AF and still make a million dollar statement at the paparazzi.



What? Wearing a dark shade will make you look darker? Hello, sleeping beauty, it’s time you wake up and challenge this very myth (on its face!). Now, for those who are confident can literally opt for an ebony shade. But for the Indian way of dressing up, pick a dark maroon, oxblood or wine shade to give your makeup an edge. Surprising as it may sound, this shade works wonders with Indian ensemble as well as a cocktail wrap.


Mindy_thrilling Pink

Guess it’s time that you ditch pop-pink and fuchsia tones and adapt other hues of Hello Kitty Pink! A slightly tanned pink lipstick works well for work-wear and if applied with a thin coat can also be passed on as a nudey. Now that’s a win-win situation for a day to night transformation, ain’t it?



Orange? Not for me! Why not? Du-uh! Get over reds and pinks and maroons. Try out some hues of orange that work wonders for Indian skin tone. If you are not sure of bright orange lips, then go for the safer bet – tanned orange shade. This shade again works great with wedding hued traditional dresses as well as with a brunch Sunday meet-cute with your friends.

Think we helped you get the lipstick game on point? Go ahead and do some liplicious shopping. Oh! And a HAPPY WORLD LIPSTICK DAY ya’ll! XOXO