#DiscoverInHondaAmaze with Chetan Bhagat

December 23, 2014

Don’t we all dream to have a life that only gifts us the opportunity of travelling through the narrow lanes of the world (India, for now) in a butter-smooth ride and get travelogued throughout the journey? Well, while we sigh at such a dream, their is one literature mind who is actually livin it up! The genius behind write-ups like ‘Two States’ & ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’; Chetan Bhagat has started a breathtaking journey with Honda Amaze, discovering the real beauty of India – Amazing India. While he’s at it, Honda India has left no stone un-turned to capture the moments in the form of a travel-series. Called ‘#DiscoverInHondaAmaze Travelogue’  “You know what’s amazing about India? That it’s home to so many superb and unique destinations. And after the exciting and hectic year I’ve had, I really needed a good break. Honda had given me the perfect opportunity to experience the amaze. To get out there and discover amazing India.” – Chetan Bhagat Well, this webisode series is surely something to watch out for. Why? Because a literature genius exploring the diverse cultures and sharing his experience, the virtual drive in Honda Amaze and the knowledge that we will gain about unexplored regions of India will be a truly amazing experience. Don’t you wish to pack your bags and get out on an adventure already?  Check out the first webisode of the series wherein Chetan Bhagat will explore the mystery behind Karnataka’s ‘Drowning Church’. Follow all the action Website Youtube Facebook

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Goa – Travel Diaries courtesy Tata Zest

August 29, 2014

A couple of days back I was invited by Tata Motors and for the experience of a lifetime. Tata Motor’s introduced us to their latest launch – ZEST. Not just that, they even gave us the opportunity of going for a test drive, taking over the streets of GOA. Check out this travel video that I made of my experience there. For rest of the details about the car, check out my previous post HERE. Follow Follow

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Reason To Live Up The Adrenaline Rush – TATA Zest Experience

July 27, 2014

I remember the time when I first sat on a tricycle (for kids). The experience gave me, maybe, my first adrenaline rush. But what I wasn’t aware about was the #Speed that one gets to experience in their lives as they grow old. From the first scooter ride to the unreal aircraft ride, the andreline rush just keeps getting intense. And that feeling of flying, racing with the wind gets so intense that you crave for ‘some more’ moments. As a child, I had seen my dad ride a fiat. Even if that meant sitting on the back seat, with no airconditioner or no music on, the ride was no less than a trip to the amusement park. I used to make excuses (get late for school) and plead my dad to give me a Fiat ride…. just to live up the experienc again. Looking at him I used to look forward to turning 18, the legal age (in India) to ride a car. On my 18th birthday, I only wished to grab my dad’s car keys and enroll in a driving school. And I did! The first time I sat on the driver’s seat, that was the moment when I felt that I am no more a school kiddo. And that, I can finally be incharge of somethings in life. But… the experience was not that I had expected. The clutch-break-accelerator experience was confusing and disappointing. Unwanted breakdowns, sudden breaks, a scratch-worth of accident and some more low points drew my driving experience to a complete hault. With a broken heart I stepped back and returned to the backseat drama. THE ZEST CALL A few days back I saw my social media feed buzzing with #ZestUpYourExperience. My cousin Ila (The Flea Market Queen) buzzed me asking if I’m gonna be a …

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