New Livon Serum #PrettyGirlSwag Contest

October 24, 2015

I remember the days when managing long hair was a big task. Either keep it detangled with loads of coconut oil, or braid it the moment it dries out of shampoo. The very idea of leaving dry hair open was dreadful, remembering all the tough times that I had to go through; detangling my tresses and losing on many strands of it during the process.

And then Livon Serum happened! Still remember the time when Livon was newly introduced to our troubled hair-lives and everyone could be seen talking about it. After hearing a lot about it from my cousins, I too got my hands on Livon and woah! My hair felt less distressed and suddenly I could act like those Bollywood divas, letting my hair flow in the flow of the breeze.

Ever since then, I have become an ardent fan of Livon and have been using it (currently, the Moroccan oil serum) regularly to detangle my long tresses. With years passing by and the conditions of metropolitan cities that we live in, Livon too has seen evolvement; nurturing the current hair-care necessities. After their successful launch of Livon Moroccan Silk Serum, the brand has introduced yet another product, that stands distinct from the entire range.

What’s new about the New Livon Serum?

Livon has changed! It’s now the next gen Livon Serum with a new, ultra lightweight formulation. Designed for today’s women who do not believe in compromising on either hair beauty or hair health, this product gives you fabulous looking hair while protecting it from damage. Leading this change is Livon’s first brand ambassador, none other than the Queen of Bollywood and youth style icon, Kangna Ranaut.

Have you seen the TVC yet?

I am so kicked about the New Livon Serum and just can’t wait to review it. Meanwhile, I am totally loving Kangana Ranaut’s #PrettyGirlSwag mantra. She totally digs in as the fashion and beauty guru, having been evolved from a girl next door to nothing less of an inspiration. And with Livon sealing an ambassador deal with the diva, the Swag quotient is surely anteing up in numbers!


The New Livon Serum TVC is no pretentious commercial, that showcases a girl-next-door image of Kangana. From strutting down the office lobby to crashing at a party in her pajamas, the message is simple – Swag is nothing but your personal style quotient. No schooled rules, not follow ups either.

Now that Kangana has already spread the message in her TVS about the #PrettyGirlSwag initiative, the idea of showing off the ‘Swag’ in every possible way (pajama party, office look, carnival look) needs to be spread across ya’ll too! Which is why, I have teamed up with the Livon team to giveaway 5 lucky winners an exciting hamper from Livon.

New Livon Serum


Sharing her views on being chosen as the Brand Ambassador for Livon, Kangna Ranaut said, “For me it’s a very proud moment to be associated with Livon and represent it. I am very excited about changing Livon to the new Livon Serum, which is very lightweight. It’s a completely new Livon, so even if you have tried the old one long back you must definitely try this new one as it is totally different and much better. Being in the industry we have to re-invent our look often and it does take a toll on my hair. Livon Serum makes my hair look amazing and also protects it from damage by controlling frizz, tangles and breakage. It fixes my style, it fits my lifestyle!”

100ml CartonF
Speaking about the association, Saugata Gupta , Managing Director and CEO of Marico Ltd said, “We are delighted to have Kangna Ranaut as the face of Livon. Not only does her appeal cut across age groups, regions and socio economic strata but just like Livon she also reflects the brand’s core values of being free-spirited, joyous, liberated and spontaneous. We are very excited about our partnership with Kangna and look forward to building the next gen serum with her.”

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Last day to enter – 1st of November

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