Locker Style Diaries Ft. Meher Gupta

June 17, 2016

Who says that being a #GirlBoss leaves no room for fashion and everything pretty? Running one heck of an established company does require suiting up, but not everyone likes being Mark Zuckerberg; wearing the 50 shades of grey T-Shirts to work. Dismissing the myths attached and bringing up the #BeingMe challenge of looking effortlessly stylish in a plus size, we present to you ‘Meher Gupta‘ for our Locker Style Diaries; the beauty with brains behind Contemporary Connect Luxury Brand Agency.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style1

Having spent her study years in London, Meher loves everything colourful and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her own personal style. With a sophisticated flair, she believes in happy clothing and brings about the concept with tailored silhouettes. Me & Faizan were on a lookout to feature one diva who doesn’t shy away from facing the shutterbugs with her eccentric taste in accessories and an attitude that shout outs ‘Run the world, Girls!’. Read all about Meher Gupta and about her designer wardrobe that seems endless from end to end.

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1. What is Contemporary Connect all about? How did this agency come into being?

Meher Gupta_Locker Style22

Contemporary Connect is a 360 degree luxury brand agency which aims to be a one-stop solution for International and Indian brands in India. We handle everything from fashion, lifestyle, f&b, aviation and real-estate. The idea behind it started as soon as I finished my masters with a zeal to create my own dream job!

2. What was your career choice while studying five years in England?

Meher Gupta_Locker Style6

5 years in England completely flew by and to be honest, career choices back then were very different. I was working with Coca-Cola and that’s when I realised that I wanted to do something more niche and up market; hence, the idea of luxury and an up-market agency came into play.

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3. Tell us something about your personal style? Do you wear strict bossy ensembles at work?

Meher Gupta_Locker Style2

Absolutely no! I love to experiment and try out new styles on the go. You will see me in Indian suits, weather and party friendly dresses and even shorts when I just want to be lazy!

4. Being the #GirlBoss, what kind of fashion environment do you promote at your own office?

Meher Gupta_Locker Style3

I believe in the power of ‘being yourself’ and this is exactly what I try and promote at office. Wear what makes you comfortable and foremost, wear what makes you feel confident.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style9

5. Have you always been this versatile with your style, or has it evolved from being a college laid-back girl to being a labelled silhouette structured fashionista?


Well, I used to play golf when I was younger and that gave me a very tom-boyish style. Shorts were my go-to clothing with polo-shirts back then. The trend evolved to a more laid back approach and I started wearing trackpants a lot. Then of course college in England was super cold, so I ended up experimenting with apparel layering. And now, working in Luxury, I need to be on the top of my fashion game sans any label restrictions.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style8

Like I mentioned earlier, you will probably find me in a very fancy blouse/top with more casual bottoms like ripped jeans or even shorts! I love to experiment, but at the same time I like my basics the most. My Linen Shirts and some ripped jeans are my everyday go-to outfits.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style19

6. Being a plus size lover, what challenges do you face while shopping here in India? Is it a better story while shopping abroad?

Definitely! I feel abroad they understand your body type better. Here in India that concept hasn’t been accepted too well or even understood. Learn to love your body, that’s my mantra.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style11

7. Are you a brand person or a vintage/thrift hunter? Which brand is your favourite and which designer do you adore the most?

Both! I love my designer bags and shoes and jewellery; but when it comes to clothes, I feel proud of my thrift shop finds. I have a weakness for handbags and shoes and am a proud owner of over 50 bags and 100 pairs of shoes. You see, I am obsessed!

Meher Gupta_Locker Style21

As far as the brands are concerned, I love Tory Burch shoes, Celine Bags, Fendi, Gucci, Chanel and of course my favourite Louis Vuitton! Even my pet dog is named after the brand – Louis.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style15

8. What are the 5 most cherished items in your wardrobe and why?

My Rolex which helps me keep a tab on my busy schedule.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style7

My Louis Vuitton Never-Full, because who doesn’t love a LV edition?

Meher Gupta_Locker Style18

Tiffany’s Lock Necklace which my mother gifted me when I graduated.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style12

Torn Jeans as it tends to be my go-to comfort at work.


Limited Edition Mont Blanc Pen which was gifted to me by my father.

Meher Gupta_Locker Style13

Special mention, Louis – The Dog, who cheers me up and brightens up everyday of my life!

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9. A quote/mantra that you’d like to share being a #GirlBoss?

Keep at it!

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Photographs by Faizan Patel.