#LockerStyle Ft. Aakanksha Kapoor

November 28, 2015

Everyone is trying to change something in the world. While most of us are busy debating over topics like ‘Make In India’ and ‘Global Warming’, there are a few who are actually putting in an effort to alter the lifestyle for a prosperous future. One such diva whom we met recently is Aakanksha Kapoor, who believes in the power of staying organic and working towards a greater cause – empowering the farmers of India!


As we stepped into her freshly renovated abode, our thoughts were clear – understanding in depth the purpose behind ‘I Say Organic’ and how she manages style with her busy timeline. Not to forget, that she is soon opening her first ‘I Say Organic’ store in Saket (Delhi), the life is surely tick-tocking on a crunch for this Delhi lad! With no further delays, sharing with you Aakanksha Kapoor’s Locker Style dairies and a definition of her personal style.

Photographs by Faizan Patel Photography

Pledge for a healthier future with I Say Organic.


Oudh perfume from Dubai.

Define yourself in one line.

Loud, fun-loving and super passionate with a knack for uplifting everyone around me.


Life is incomplete without?

Love, dogs, coffee, a good workout and waffles with chocolate and mint cream!



5 things in my bag include?

Lipbalm, worknote book, two pen, wallet, chewing gum and Nivea moisturiser.




My idea of a party look consist of?

Bandage knee length dress with heels and earrings.


Currently I am using?

5th avenue by Elizabeth Arden perfume because it’s beautiful, timeless, soft and soothing.

I prefer plum and wine lip colours for the winter season because I’ve recently started experimenting with darker lip shades and makes any look vibrant. Otherwise my go to lip colours for day and a chic evening look are different shades of nudes and brown.


My ideal busy working day style will be?

Comfortable black fitted pants, shirt and layered with a crew neck sweater in winters.

People compliment me on?

My dedication and determination towards everything I take on and building my own base!

I say organic for a?

Healthier, beautiful and a better world 🙂

My staying fit mantra is?

Know your limitations and then challenge yourself everyday to overcome them.

I prefer flats over heels because comfort comes for me before everything else!



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