Metro Shoe Stock Market Brief

November 11, 2015

What’s Metro Shoe Stock Market all about?

Let me admit this, sales and festive offers definitely makes me feel pampered to the extremes. With so many offers running through the market, my last 1 week has been cray, surfing through endless categories of e-commerce webbies and letting my bank-balance strike some patakhas (lol)!

Now, lately, I’ve been a fan of making our Wednesday woo’s merry, with their Wednesday Sale and the much cherished ‘Online Night Market’ since the last couple of weeks. So much so, that MetroShoes is leaving no stone unturned to make our festive spirit merrier. Yep, you heard that night.

On the occasion of Diwali, is letting us indulge in some ‘Heels trading’ with their ‘Shoe Stock Market’ bonanza! Gone are the days of trading play-cards, it’s time to hit the ‘BUY’ button when the heels shine bright.

Diwali 8

Metro Shoes Shoe Stock Market

Celebrating Diwali, will see an entire day full of exciting offers on a wide range of footwear. What’s the fun part? On popular demand, the prices of the footwear will fluctuate throughout the day, giving the buyers a chance to try their luck and buy their favourites at best prices. Keeping up with the festivity, the ‘Shoe Stock Market’ offers will begin from 10:00 AM onwards.

What to Expect?

Some heart warming deals that will be a on come-&-go basis. No one knows how low the prices of the footwear will fall. It’s all about your instinct! But whatever the case be, MetroShoes is offering discounts on almost all of their categories, giving a reason to everyone to shop!

Diwali 9

Shoe Stock Market Tips

1. Keep your energy bars/jar of laddoos and a mug of coffee besides you at all times.

2. Keep surfing and adding the liked footwear to your cart.

3. Open multiple tabs at one go to surf through a variety of collections at the same time. Call it ‘multi-tasking’, tee hee.

4. When you think that the offer is much to please your buying instinct, hit the buy button in a micro second to avoid the fluctuation.

5. Since the market will stay open all day long, keep checking back at intervals, to grab the best current deals.

6. Don’t forget to register on with your postal and card details beforehand, to avoid last minute toss.

7. Make a list of must-have footwear along with the desired colour palette, to make the surfing experience more quick and upto your expectations.

Remember, it’s all about trading right and having lots of fun. You might miss a great deal, but that shouldn’t stop you from surfing through; because the market will see rise and fall all day long!

Now I, just can’t wait to indulge in some ‘Shoe Stock Market’ sale therapy; hence adding my favourite pair of shoes in my cart already. (Psst..stay ahead of the game by adding your favourites in the cart and purchasing them when the price is right.)


It’s all about having fun and making merry! Have a happy happy Diwali everyone.