MODART International hosted their Annual Fashion Show ” A La Mode”

May 22, 2013
When you get invited to experience a fashion show organized by a fashion school, your gear automatically shifts to neutral. Well at least THAT is what I follow before attending any such fashion shows. The reason being, that some of them turn out to be fabulous, while some turn out to be disastrous  Not naming anyone here, but I had the same *neutral* thoughts for this one. Although it was being organized by French Fashion School called “Modart”, but I was still balancing the bewilderment.
But to my surprise, THIS one turned out to be nothing less than a *professional statement*. From the venue, Florian – MGF Mall Saket, to the budding designers and the organizers, everything seemed like a well rehearsed and worked up composition.
While some of the collections were worth a huge applause, others were too quantitatively inspired and worth a watch. Take a look at some of the interesting designs I came across, in this fashion show.
Press Release : Himanshu and Shruti Singhal of Mod’Art International, The school of Fashion Design & Management hosted their Annual Fashion Show, “A La Mode” at Florian , MGF Mall Saket. The exquisite evening will showcase the creative talents of seven first year students. These budding designers have put in immense hard work and dedication to put together this stylish soiree full of glamour and fashion.
The show presents an amalgamation of seven mesmerizing themes REVELATION, AQUATIC MYSTIQUE, HEPHAESTUS, TREASURED MYTHOS, MELLANOID, AMOUR, JENNY- THE ZIPPER giving these students a platform to put forward their creative energies and a glimpse of the real fashion world.                          
Kick starting with REVELATION, the theme explores nature and takes inspiration from the colored patterns of different elements of nature. The show further graduates to AQUATIC MYSTIQUE which as the name suggests depicts the different moods of the sea. The third theme for the evening is HEPHAESTUS where in the designs portray the goddess of fire, transcending into TREASURED MYTHOS which is a depiction of the culture of Orissa. The next sequence MELLANOID is inspired by the color “Black” moving into AMOUR which is the greek synonym for love and beauty. The evening culminates with JENNY- THE ZIPPER, a fun and colorful sequence that plays around with metallic elements.
Patrice de Place, the director of Mod’Art International says “Mod’Art International with its strong network in the Luxury Industry and its understanding of the ever-changing needs of the trade adapts its programs to prepare students for careers in all the Luxury Companies of the future all over the world.”