Mosaic Hotels Christmas Delicacies At M-LOUNGE

December 14, 2016

This article needs no introduction, because it’s the spirit of this festivity that brings out the best in any hospitality group and other brands alike. Mosaic Hotels too, getting into the festive mood, has introduced an array of Christmas Delicacies that are now available for the entire month for purchase!


Ginger Bread House

And to give us food lovers a personal experience of what they have in store for their Delhi and NCR foodies, they invited us over a tête-à-tête to introduce their Holiday Season specialities.

M Lounge Patisserie, which comes under the Mosaic Hotels banner excels in breads, cakes and other assortments like chocolates and breakfast spreads. Keeping in mind the utility of products for a month long holiday season, M lounge has introduced a variety of breads, cakes and edible decors to meet the requirement of their clients.


Leopard Bread

As simple as a bread loaf has been done 3 ways to bring in more flavours and a sense of being merry to everyone’s breakfast table. I personally loved their marble and jam flavoured bread loafs. Priced between INR 125-150 for 500 gms, these bread loafs will last 2-3 weeks and can be micro-heated to retain freshness at the time of serving. For chocolate lovers they have Leopard Bread and Marble Bread as well.

Marble Bread

Marble Bread

Jam Bread

Jam Bread

For those who love the jam-bread traditional combination, the chef has introduced the Swiss Breakfast Bread and for the health conscious lot they have an array of Mutli-Grain breads too.

Their festive star is the Chimney Cake which is basically an edible chimney made of croissant dough stuffed with battery-operated candles and an option of assorted chocolates, cookies and choco-cookies.

Chimney Cakes

Chimney Cakes

These chimneys have been designed as a table decoration which can be savoured past it’s decorative show. The chimneys are priced between INR 274-475 and can last for up to a month. I definitely think that these chimneys will be a great gifting option for families and friends. And given its shell-life, the chimney cake will surely pull up a lot of attraction over holiday house parties and meets.

Traditional Vanilla Swiss Log

Traditional Vanilla Swiss Log

Picking up the Christmas elements and transforming them into beautiful bakes, Chef has designed a variety of Log-shaped cakes that are made up of cake and icing rolled up into a swiss roll and decorated with icing sugar to look like a piece of log. Simply slice it and serve it. The Log cakes are priced at INR 850 for 600 gms.

Chocolate Log Cake

Chocolate Log Cake

Holiday desserts savouring is incomplete without a portion of Fruit Rum Cake. Traditionally baked and beautifully decorated Rum Cakes are available in various sizes and can be customised on pre-orders.



The Chef has created a variety of cakes and designs, if anyone is looking at opting for something other than the tradition rum cake. Of course, each cake has been designed keeping in mind the holiday spirit and hence comes with an assortment of decorative elements to it.



The cakes vary between a price tag of INR 475 to 925/- depending on the weight and requirement of the client.

What a better way to enjoy the winter season than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with Doughnut, right?


Christmas Tree Doughnut


Pine Doughnut


Reindeer Doughnut

Chef has take a very interesting take on the regular doughnuts, transforming them into a piece of Christmas art with icings and decor that will definitely win the hearts of kids and adults alike. Chocolate Doughnut, Christmas Doughnut, Turkey Doughnut and a lot other variety of Doughnut designs are up on the menu. These are priced between INR 70-80, per doughnut.

Turkey Donut

Turkey Doughnut

Mosaic Hotels M Lounge is offering customisation on advanced orders to garner the requirement of their clients. They have also declared 50% discount on cakes from 7pm to 10:30pm as Happy Hours. All of their other breads, rolls, cakes, croissants, danishes, cookies and chocolates will be available from 10 AM to 10 PM throughout the holiday season.

Swiss Rolls

Swiss Rolls

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Traditional Croissants

Traditional Croissants