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February 8, 2016

The winter this year has been quite a disappointment but has cheered up all the summer loving Delhi-wallahs. The to-do list again includes spending more time outdoors in the Sun, going shopping, hanging out with friends and family and much more.In the midst of all this confusion whether it is Summer or Winter time I got an invitation to review the Flluid restaurant cum bar of the luxurious Mosaic Hotels. You might have already seen our feature on Mosaic Hotel‘s regular menu in our food listings.To remind us of the golden summer time, they are celebrating the Thai cuisine all of this February.

Authentic Thai Flavours

Mosaic Hotel Food 3

First things first! The Thai festival is the main attraction at Flluid between 8th to 14th of February. The special three course meal has everything to satiate our taste buds. Broadly, the traditional Thai cuisine consists of rice, curry, accompaniments, coconut and sea food.
My meal began with a refreshing Litchi Paradise served in a flask. I enjoyed Chicken Thai High Satay served with peanut, and sweet chilly dips. The Porpia Chae was an crunchy, thin spring roll pastry. Special mention must be made for the novel Som Tam papaya salad, which was very well prepared.

Phad Kraphawhed Plik Sod

Phad Kraphawhed Plik Sod

Being a soup-lover I eagerly waited for Tom Kha Phak, a simmering, coconut milk based vegetable soup. It was a healthy soup brimming with a beautiful ensemble of bright coloured broccoli, yellow capsicum and sumptuous mushrooms. It would have been nicer to have its chicken version too.

Thai Flat Rice Noodles

Thai Flat Rice Noodles

In main course I was served the sweet and sour Pla Tom Som, a gently boiled fish curry, with Khao Phad Kraphaw, spicy fried rice having hints of basil. I tried an appealing combination of stewed Mushroom curry called Phad Kraphawhed Plik Sod with Flat Rice noodles. I missed a prawn delicacy. For dessert we had a rather stodgy Coconut Mint Soufflé. It looked beautiful, and was adequately sweet.

Som Tam papaya salad

Som Tam papaya salad

Now I would like to enlist the Top Five reasons that make Flluid so attractive and why Team Kalapalette will be visiting it again!

Mosaic Hotel Food 7

Thai High Chicken

#1 Enviable Location!

Nowadays, all of us habitually face a time crunch in our fast paced life. I always prefer that my hang-out place is easily accessible and close to workplace or a commercial complex , thus enabling me to multitask. Mosaic hotels is located at a truly enviable spot which is hardly 5 minutes away from Noida Sector 18 metro station. I especially love the transition from a busy road to a quiet and warmly welcoming luxurious place that this hotel is.

Khao Phad Kraphaw

Khao Phad Kraphaw

#2 Affordable Luxury

Mosaic Hotel Food 1

Porpia Chae

Whenever I am able to scoop out some time to hang out, I always try to have a wholesome time. I like to have a mixed bag of experiences, and Flluid guarantees that to me. It offers a sought-after combination of fine dining which is not only great in taste but also easy on the pocket. You get a valet parking too at the entrance.

#3 Funky Menu

Mosaic Hotel Food 2

Thai High Satay

In a previous post we talked, at length, about the unusual and funky menu that the chefs at Flluid have come up with. Have a look from here! In a nutshell their presentation of food is unheard of and highly engaging. This time of the year I was excited to find the tropical Thai cuisine at the forefront in this mild wintry season. It is going to be on for the rest of the February! Trust me you don’t want to miss it!

#4 Great Taste

Tom Kha Phak

Tom Kha Phak

The food is experimental. Going by the names given in the menu, one would like to try all of the fusion dishes. Some of them are extensively reviewed in a previous post, please check it out here.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai cuisine.

Pla Tom Som

Pla Tom Som

#5 Ambience

Although some may find the formal setting of the restaurant quite odd with respect to the funky menu, yet I feel it is the very USP of the place! It is unusual and that makes it great! The servers are polite, but slow in action.

Mosaic Hotel Food 11

Coconut Mint Souffle

Thai High Chicken and Satay apart from the Flat Rice noodles.

Ambiance : 5/5
Food : 4.5/5
Service : 3.5/5
Value for Money : 4/5
 Check it Out! 
C 1, Sector 18,
Noida 201 301
U.P. +91 120 402 5000
You can also visit www.mosaichotels.co.in for more details and directions.
Also check out http://mosaichotelsgroup.blogspot.in/ for their blogged details.
Contributed by Anushri Saxena