Mosaic Mussoorie Hotel Review

April 5, 2017

As a child, I have visited Mussoorie plenty of times with just the goal of taking a dip at ‘Kempty Falls’. That’s exactly the kind of picture one has about Mussoorie, when in reality, this hill station has much more to offer. Not to forget, this is where Ruskin Bond lives! But it’s a different story to tell (Which I will in my upcoming write-up) so let’s focus on the agenda of my recent visit to Mussoorie or as people call it ‘The Queen Of The Hills’. This Uttarakhand summer capital has been seeded, manicured and preserved since British Era and still embarks the glory of heritage and the history dusted off over time.

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And amidst this glory stands tall and high Mosaic Mussoorie, the freshest property in town. A stay at Mosaic Mussoorie is nothing less than getting the best out of what Mussoorie has to offer. Great views, best location, beautifully decorated interiors, warm hospitality, cosy accommodation and lip-smacking multi-cuisine delicacies. Probably the reason why I saw it fully booked even when the season is almost at the closing as the weather becomes hotter by the day.


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If you are looking at getting the most picturesque views of the Doon valley, with great mobility to all sides of the town and a walk away to the busy lanes of the ‘mall road’ then Mosaic Mussoorie is the destination for you. What really caught my attention was the fact that having been a new property, Mosaic has definitely scored the best location one can acquire in today’s time at such a popular hill station spot.

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Quite contemporary, quite spacious and definitely has a great usage of sunshine and great views put to use in the best possible manner. The famous logo of Mosaic can be seen from almost every corner of the Mall Road, signifying its glorious establishment. Keeping up with the modern lifestyle trends, a lift is always at service to commute residents and visitors on each floor and exiting at the parking lot/mall road gol chakkar.

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All rooms, the lobby, reception, restaurants and spa are very well lit and spacious. If you book a valley facing room, then you can get great views of nature simply staying put in bed (can order in-room dining) and feeling the vacation vibes to excellence.


Honestly, I haven’t come across such a talented decor till date anywhere;ever! Intricately designed gardening sets across the property, on the walls in paintings, organic installations of art pieces as you take a walk brings in quite a positive vibe. As you step out of the lift to the reception area, you can expect a moment of surprise as the view, the decor and the vibrancy of the space is just exhilarating.

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The reception in itself is a piece of art zone, with pretty furniture setups on each corner for book lovers, a walk out to the rooftop restaurant ‘Charcoal’, the enchanting views of Doon valley visible from across the glass tinted walls of the reception is an experience beyond verbal statements. You literally got to visit the place to feel the vibes.

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If you are a lover of art then the ‘Suitcase Reception Table’ will definitely catch your attention.


Mosaic Mussoorie offers a variety of rooms with different views which can be requested for at the time of checking in. The room where I stayed in had a queen sized bed with a view of the mall road and hints of Musssorie and Landour. They also have attic rooms which are perfect in case you are a family with kids and would prefer having the kids in the same space rather than a separate room altogether.

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Just like the interior decor of the lobby/reception area, the rooms too have a vibrant flair of colours and art prints overtaking the otherwise mundane vibes of a regular touristy hotel. Colour matched wallpapers, carpets, cosy bed with matched pillows, a British style reading space and a sofa-ottoman combo for you to admire the views are some of the prominent ingredients of rooms at Mosaic Mussoorie.

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The bathrooms are spacious with all basic toiletries present. Although they don’t keep a clothing iron in each room, it is readily available for usage upon request otherwise.


Mosaic Mussoorie has two operational restaurants, with ‘The Random’ as being the main all-day dining restaurant offering all three meals of the day. They offer both buffet and A La Carte menu. Offering a world-wide menu, the chef never disappoints you to bring in the best flavours to your palette. I will be doing an extensive restaurant review shortly, because it’s worth it, but you can get a glimpse of what the restaurant has to offer here as well.

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As expected, the restaurant too has a great decor design with a variety of dining setups, comfortable seating and a humble staff always ready to take up your requests.

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Another restaurant which is generally an extension of The Random is ‘Charcoal’. It’s basically rooftop seating, right outside the reception area, giving you the breathtaking views of the valley, while you get to dine on some lip smacking tikkas and other main courses with an array of mocktails that the bar has to offer.



Unfortunately, they are yet to acquire liquor licence, but because of this situation, they happily allow you to bring your own wine, while they serve the best nibblers to go with the ambience.


Great place for honeymooners and families alike. Do request a valley facing room while checking in to get the best and don’t forget to try north Indian delicacies and the Chinese menu at The Random while you experience the stay at Mosaic Mussoorie. I will be unofficially going to visit Mosaic again just to experience the great views and beautiful decors of this place.

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Mosaic Mussoorie offers Food Trails and local heritage visits upon request. Mr. Deepak who is well versed with the history of Mussoorie does a great job at that and definitely knows how to let you explore the untapped side of Mussoorie with no tedious efforts or rigorous trekking affairs on the go.

Mosaic Mussoorie Hotel

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