Mother’s Day with Vodafone!

May 6, 2012
How do I go about making a special MOTHER’S DAY more special with the power of Vodafone?
 (I hope to make this dream come true some day :))

8:00 a.m. :Woke up in the morning after a stressful working week.No time to hit the gym, as today is Mother’ Day, and I have special things planned up for the day. πŸ˜€
But I do have time for a quick cardio workout.So I switch on my Vodafone super fast 3G Internet and check out a quick video on YouTube!!
(video courtesy
8:30 a.m. : As I come out freshened up and ready for the next deed, my mom comes and hugs me, carrying a bouquet of roses and exotic chocolates I ordered online via my Vodafone 3G Internet!!
(website :
8:35 a.m. : Now I need to quickly create special Breakfast for my mother. I Google up the recipes keeping my mother’s choice in mind.
(website :
9:00 a.m. : Made an amazing breakfast of omlette, cheesy chicken triangles, Orange smoothie and some freshly baked muffins. Mom absolutely loved the start.She is all excited and charged up for the day, so am I ^_^.But before I move on further, I quickly add caption “Mother’s Day Special” to the breakfast snap I took  on Picasa, and it is ready to go on social networking sites. ^_^
(image :
9:30 a.m. : Time to go to run some errands.And suddenly the Vodafone Astrology alert pops up…Saying I will have a wonderful time with friends and family this weekend. ^_^ YAY 
(image :
11:00 a.m. : Errands complete, now I am ready to chillax before meeting up a friend over coffee.Suddenly I realise YIKES I don’t have a party dress for the everning 😐
But thank god, my Vodafone Internet comes to the rescue, I quickly check out the latest Summer Collection over phone, and decide to go buy some stuff from Mango Showroom.
(website :
1:20 p.m. : Phew! Internet is such a saviour in such situations. I am done shopping and can’t wait to get all decked up for the eve. πŸ˜€ I am off to meet my dear friend now over lunch and coffee.But YIKES!! I just cannot figure my route to reach the venue. πŸ™ Fret not Google Maps come to the rescue all on my Vodafone 3g Internet ^_^
(image :

4:00 p.m. : What a great lunch and chitchat!While heading home I am confirming all the invitations for the surprise Mother’s day party in the evening over chat application on my Vodafone 3G Internet. πŸ˜€

6:00 p.m. : Now its time to get everything arranged for the party. πŸ˜€ I check out the restaurant menus online and order yummy Indian food, as the people coming over might simply love Desi Food!

(website :

6:10 p.m.: The food will be delivered on time, the decoration is up and what a happy day it is, I received Vodafone Cricket Alert, that India won today’s match.Yipeee πŸ˜€

(image : vodafone)

7:30 p.m.: I am ready to party and the guests have also started rolling in.Everyone is excited and having a gala time.But oh no!! The music system is not working due to some fault. πŸ™ Now what to do? Hang on My God My Vodafone is again to the rescue…I call 58000 and put on Vodafone Music Junction : Farishta station…Everyone is grooving to Bollywood!!And we have our own likes of  Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit on the floor. ^_^

(image :

8:30 p.m. : Party is absolutely going great, and I hope everyone is enjoying to the fullest.Want to meet the guests?

Well since it is mother’s day, every mother deserves to be felt special.Although children living in the concrete jungle do have loads of amazing things planned for their mothers, it is the children of the worked up lanes, and dirt tracks who cannot afford even a tea break for their mothers.For that reason if I ever get a chance to through such a real party, I will through for the mother’s of such lanes who deserve a special treat.
I would like to invite women from NGO’s to the likes of Apne Aap Women’s Collective (which Vodafone also supports) for the special mother’s day party…because EVERY MOTHER IS SPECIAL. πŸ˜€

(image :

10:30 p.m. :  And last but not the least, after an amazing Mother’s Day I sit down to post my Facebook status message on my Vodafone 3G Internet.

With Vodafone’s 3g Internet, I was able to manage my whole freaking day. Vodafone is the ultimate GOD for today’s lifestyle.You can go about doing anything and everything with it. I don’t think so I would have been able to organize such a successful Mother’s Day party without it.
Thanks Vodafone technology for making EVERYTHING POSSIBLE , FUN and on the GO!!
We asked god to make our life easier in this busy world,
God gave us VODAFONE 3G !
Go on and make your life fun now :
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