Mustache ‘Not Just For The Boys’ – Outfit Post

September 12, 2013
I am so so sorry for being M.I.A. from this blogging world. Well, a lot has been brewing up lately, and I assure you that you all are going to love the outcome. Stay tuned for that! But for now, to get back on the blogging scenario, I was getting an itch to do an outfit post.

Currently most of my days go out playing a *professional*. And by that I mean wearing a lot of (Semi) formal outfits. When it comes to dressing up seriously, people usually opt for a very boring color palette of muted shades of grey and monochromes.
Well, the question is… how to break this mundane way of dressing? You can always opt for some pop of color in terms of a fancy scarf, or statement earrings or a sun-kissed handbag. Well, I tried thinking on the same lines and incorporated a combination of muted colors wedded to some serious bling. And by bling, I mean gold bling. 
Keeping my quirky style up, and matching up to my professional field… I had to infuse in some *trend*. Since the last year or two, I have seen some serious involvement of the Owl print and the Mustache print! Thanks to Masaba, now we have the *lipstick* and camera print too.
Since finding trendy accessories is a tough call, I thought of D.I.Y. – ing my own!
My verdict (on semi – formal dressing) : 
1. Keep it basic, but stylish.
2. If you don’t have a lady gaga moment, play on the lines of sober colors. (Something other than monochromes)
3. Keep your silhouette comfortable. Don’t let it loose and baggy, nor try to look seductive!
4. Play double safe with accessories which are pleasing in a concrete professional environment.
Have you seen those cinema scenes, where a girl with loose long hair (wind blowing through her soft – sorted hair) makes a guy go bonkers? DO NOT for a micro – mini second think that it is true. Given the humid and polluted weather we have, you will look messy, AND god forbid if wind blows in your direction, congratulations as you have been given the title of a *jungle queen*!
Always keep your hair sorted for a profession look. Go for braids, pony – tail or an interesting bun like I have done in this look.
If you are high on creativity, always try and come up with your own D.I.Y.’ed ideas. 
I converted a boring brooch pin into a mustache bow – tie. How did I do it? Simply cut – out a mustache from a thick paper/cardboard, paint it black from both sides and stick it to an old/worn out brooch pin. VOILA!
I converted my sister’s boring laptop bag into something semi – professional BUT stylishly blingy!
Get yourself some studs from a crafts shop, and get creative. 😉
I am wearing :
Black pants – Zara
Pastel shirt – Thrifted
Shades – Joe Black (Myntra)
Nude flats – Stilettos (Delhi)
Earrings – Forever21
Ring + Bow Tie + Laptop Bag – D.I.Y.’ed
Photography Credits : Arusha Sharma (My bestest friend :*)
So, what do you gotta say about this look? Or better, what is your way of making a boring professional outfit interesting, and stylish? 😉