Vlog Room Makeover – Nerolac Impressions

August 13, 2015

There are so many things that go into building up a strong content. Minute details leave in a greater impact on the overall perspective. Confused? Let me put it down in a blogger’s verbals.

Been having an itch to start up my own vlog for a very long time, I just couldn’t settle down with making videos because of one major issue – the set up. I thought investing in the right light and camera will do the trick, but it is much more to a video that one can anticipate. The background or video making set up is equally important in this video making business.


Although I have two floors in my house, but couldn’t settle down with any corner of the house for video making purposes. Most of the walls in my house are cramped with décor or household utilities like Almirah, study table, etc. Even my own room has not even a single wall empty for the purpose.

One of the living rooms of my house is less utilized, since my grandmom stays there; but is spacious enough to pan out videos and other photo features. Having found the right location to shoot (finally) I was still stuck with one issue – dull looking non-appealing walls!


Decorated with antique woody furniture and un-justified curtain sets, I was not happy with having such a set up as my video background. Well, where there is a will there is a way! India’s top wall paint and décor brand ‘Nerolac Impressions’ in association with Blogadda took in the responsibility of painting my living room bright to serve the purposes.


And thus began a 2 weeks assignment of giving the dull looking living room a makeover. Unstoppable by Delhi monsoon, the entire team of Nerolac was spot on with their services and gave me a room which was exactly to my liking.

The entire process was divided into four sections :

Setting Context – The Senior Nerolac Representative along with his team of regional team and head of department visited my house to review the room. Analysing the condition of the walls, the texture of the walls, how many walls to be painted, what kind of base structure they need to build up for stronger and longer staying paint and many other technical details.

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Colour Consultancy – Next up, we had a colour expert visit my place with a variety of colour combined books to discuss the same. She first analysed the type of furniture we have, natural light source and possible placement of artificial light to make the room look brighter and bigger. Since I was interested in getting a wall painted in their designer style too, she shared some insight on the type of designer styles they have and finalized on the colour palette for the room.

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Initiation of Job – Post finalization of paint and design, their paint experts took 5 days to complete the entire process. I opted ‘Ragging’ technique for the designer wall, which had a base of ‘Bumble Bee’ yellow colour and patch work with their ‘Bronze’ shade.


This gave off a shiny wall that varied with light and position of the eyes. For rest of the walls we opted for ‘Lemon Balm’ shade, ceiling in white and doors/windows in a shade of ‘Chocolate Fondue’.


Completion of Painting Job – While in process, the senior representatives visited many times to ensure smooth flow of work and achieve the right colour palette. They ensured least possible bumps on walls, almost exact copy of the colours I picked and a neat looking design on the wall.


Experience – Not only was I happy with the outcome of the colour palette that I chose, but was equally impressed by the quality of the products used. To add on to its glory, the paint didn’t give off a strong smell that most of the paints usually come with.


Upon completion, my room looked brighter, bigger and much more sustainable for the next couple of years than it was in its previous condition.


I complimented the entire Nerolac Impressions process by changing the curtains to a more vintage looking drapes and changed the artificial lights setting to suit the colour palette.


If you too are stuck with a room that needs a makeover but just can’t figure out how, visit https://www.nerolac.com/ to get consultation by their expert team; who will help you decide on a colour palette and paint makeover that will suit your personal style.



Thank you www.blogadda.com and Nerolac team for giving me an opportunity to kick start my vlogging journey. Can’t wait to shoot some amazing videos with a beautiful background that is now my video shoot setup.