Niche Lounge & Bistro – Delhi {Menu Review}

May 16, 2016

Now for those who have been following my blog, will definitely be aware about my experience dining at Niche Bar & Lounge for its ‘Pre-Launch’ Blogger’s table. If you haven’t, then go ahead and check it out!

Watermelon Salad with Feta Mousse, Pumpkin Seeds and Watercress

Watermelon Salad with Feta Mousse, Pumpkin Seeds and Watercress

Having been reviewed some of their best preparations, we were more keen on exploring what their regular menu has to offer too. And before going for the review, we definitely scrolled through the zomato reviews and what people highly recommended to try on. To my surprise, it wasn’t non-vegetarian nor was it a gourmet amalgamation. Known as the ‘Pulled Katahal Tacos’ on the menu, this Mexican mix with a vegetable not generally loved (and experimented with) much in the country was nothing less of a surprise.

Niche Restaurant Food Review5

For a slider to go with their array of alcoholic concoctions, Pulled Katahal Tacos definitely faired well on the taste and nibbling metre. So for vegetarians who always end up ordering regular veggie kebabs and paneer tikkas to go with their drinks, this one can be called a gourmet substitute for your vegan requirements.

Niche Restaurant Food Review1

The Tacos are filled with Katahal well cooked which is drenched in a juicy tangy sauce with a zing of sweetness and a sour curd dip and salsa to go on the side.

Niche Restaurant Food Review8

Of course, we did order a portion of chicken and a prawns starter from their seafood menu. In chicken, we ordered the Lal Mirch Ka Chicken Tikka, which although sounds spicy; wasn’t spicy at all. In fact, the flavours of the marination combined with the smokiness of the grill and tenderness of the chicken pieces turned out to be one of the finest Chicken Tikka preparations I’ve had in a long while. The tikka was presented with some freshly grounded mint cloud and nitro cooked onion yoghurt chutney on the side.

Niche Restaurant Food Review6

Being a fan of everything prawn-ish, I ordered Crispy Prawn Styx which was basically tempura and panko dipped prawns served with edamame hummus, soy ginger gel and balsamic powder.

Niche Restaurant Food Review7

One thing that we definitely loved was the way each dish has been given utmost importance as far as the plating is concerned. The way even the Tikkas were presented seemed nothing less of a gourmet experience on a budget!

Niche Restaurant Food Review2

When it comes to having a drink with your food, Niche Lounge & Bistro serves a massive menu dedicated to cocktails, mocktails and many exclusive alcohol brands from the world as well. Fine dining is not complete if not for some signature cocktails to compliment the food. We tried on the pretty cocktail in the bottle named ‘African Daisy’ which had a mix of Chamomile Tequila, Honey, Citrus and Egg White. We also tried the Think Pink fresh juices cconcoction which consisted of red apple, orange, strawberry and watermelon.

Niche Restaurant Shoot

With neat portions of the starters, main course can be a tricky stop since one gets all loaded up on the appetisers and the drinks already.

Niche Restaurant Food Review12

But, we did end up trying the Tandoori Chicken Meatballs which consisted of a Makhni gravy served with in-house masala bread. Basically it’s a gourmet version of our famous Butter Chicken with a twist of chicken Koftas that turned out to be quite a yummy affair.

Niche Restaurant Food Review11

We also opted for the Smoked Mushroom Risotto from their continental menu. The risotto was a thick preparation of assorted mushrooms with arborio rice, hickory smoked and garnished with mushroom sheets & chive oil.

Niche Restaurant Food Review13

The one thing that we really wished to see on their menu was a gourmet dessert section. Although Niche doesn’t offer desserts as of now, they do have some alcoholic preparations that can curb the sweet-tooth appetite to a great extent.

Speaking about the interiors of the lounge, then the people behind it have done a wonderful job constructing a vintage European style interior design that matches best with the Renaissance architecture of Connaught Place. Quite spacious, with ample room for sunlight and a massive balcony seating area for those who like to light a cigar or two during their meals. The place hosts kitty gatherings to intimate parties as well.

Niche Restaurant Food Review9

Service took decent amount of time to present the meals, which went justified with the detailed plating and the time it takes to achieve the right flavours. Overall, we had a great experiencing dining again at Niche Lounge & Bistro and will definitely recommend it for those who love an elite setup to dine at, with balanced flavours and a pocket friendly budget to please everyone!

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Ambiance : 5/5
Food : 4/5
Service : 3/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5

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