Orient Electric – A Plant Visit To Remember

May 23, 2018

There are a lot of things that we interact with each and every day, be it the smallest of things like our toothbrush or bigger, more obvious things like our car or your bike!

But have you ever noticed how much time you spend interacting with your fan? Well, it can almost be between 14-20 hours in a day, maybe, even more! Doesn’t that number itself prove what an important place a fan holds in our lives?

I understand that when I say “fan”, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fan that is attached to your ceiling, isn’t it? But do you realize that you are literally surrounded more than one type of fan? I am sure that almost every one of you has an exhaust fan in his/her bathroom/kitchen, or maybe even a pedestal or table fan in your surrounding area!


For an interesting experiential, I had the honor of visiting the manufacturing facility of Orient Electric in Faridabad, and boy, what an amazing experience it was! Right from the room the bloggers were assembled in, which displayed some of the best ceiling, pedestal and wall fans that Orient Electric has been synonymously known for, to the factory tour that we were given with such precision, the day, was well worth the effort of travelling all the way to Faridabad.


Did you know that Orient has been around for more than 7 decades? And from being the biggest manufacturers of fans in the country to being able to boast about the fact that they have over 60% shares in the export market, Orient, till this day has maintained its integrity and work ethic flawlessly. Orient also happens to be the 1st choice when it comes to supplying of fans even in various Government Office bodies in India. They also have two more manufacturing facilities in India, apart from the one in Faridabad, situated in both Kolkata and Guwahati.




During the interaction at the manufacturing facility, I also came to the realization, that was the company not only one of the best fan manufacturing companies around but everyone who was associated with it, was also amazingly experienced and brilliant at interacting with the bloggers present! I literally have seen very few people who genuinely are passionate about what they are doing on the work front, and I got to see that passion here, in abundance!


Orient Electric, as a brand recently, in 2017, has even been pronounced a Superbrand and truly so! With innovations taking place in every aspect of technological advancement, Orient too has played a crucial part in introducing some wonderful and unique concepts when it comes to fans. From their PSPO technology, that helps provide cooler air in a larger space while consuming less power to the BLDC (Brushless Direct Motor Current) technology that provides close to 50% reduction in the power consumption, Orient has brought it all to the industry.

And if this wasn’t enough, their Aero Series, is a testament to the fact that they take every consumer feedback or suggestion. Designed to perfection, the Aero Series are not only aesthetically pleasing but are brilliantly effective as well. The Aero series, apart from not producing a single peep even when running, also has one of the best wind throw there is to experience amongst the ceiling fans category in the market. My personal favourite from the Aero Series has to be the 1200mm Aeroquiet Fan in wood finish. It is classy, silent, effective, budget friendly and an amazing contemporary design matching the décor trends of today!


The moment it came for all the bloggers to be able to visit the production line itself, I was beyond excited! But nothing could have prepared me for the sort of work that goes into making even a single fan of ours! We go to the market, explore online to find the best deal that suits our budget! But have you ever been able to even come close to how much effort it takes to produce even a single fan? Multiply that by a 100, and there you have it! With throngs of employees taking care of the manufacturing process every minute, I was mesmerized by the sight that greeted me!

Not to forget that the process hierarchy differs for every design of the fans and yet, the employees are highly skilled in manufacturing hundreds of fans in a day to meet the ever growing demand in the consumer market.

Orient has also been awarded with the title of “Star Performer” by the Engineering Export Promotion Council! Isn’t that fantastic? But if you think that, that is a big deal, then you should also know that the Government of India itself, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has bestowed the title of “Star Export House” to Orient as well!


I also understand that you might be concerned regarding the after sales service, but fret not, because Orient has got you covered on that front too! With a 24×7 helpline and even a mobile app to help you with all your concerns, Orient has literally thought of everything and anything associated with their fans and comfort to the consumers! And if that was not enough, they also have close to 320 service centres across this vast country of ours to cater to their customers!


Their main focus has always been to pay more importance to technology over every other aspect of a product and Orient fans are no exception to this rule. One of the fans that stood out for me was the Retro-Relic; a table fan so cute that anyone would want to get one for themselves! I definitely know what is on my shopping list next!

All in all, the experience I had at the manufacturing facility of Orient Electric was an enriching and creative one and something that I will definitely look forward to attending again if ever the chance arises!