Pearl Portfolio 2016 – Fashion Show Details

May 31, 2016

Seasoned designers believe in the power of retaining their signature style every run-through of a fashion week. It is the young buds (note : Pearlites) who maintain the zeal to grasp the trend forecasts of a season and adapt the same memo onto their collections and themes likewise. Pearl Academy of India welcoming the kaleidoscope of such creative minds celebrated Pearl Portfolio 2016 a few days back.

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For those who read Kalapalette regularly will definitely be aware of our event-duty profile of this 3 days affair in Pearl Portfolio 2016 Ft. FDCI article. While we had plans on featuring the entire activity in one single report, the type of creativity and fine designs that the graduating students put forward definitely needed a separate mention.

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Hence, this article features a visual delight to what the students and shall we say ‘the future of Indian fashion’ showcased on one of their first every runway presence.

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To summarise the entire fashion show collectively, group of students were given themes based on which they were asked to create their signature designs for the finale. Every student put forward at least 2 unique designs, empowering the theme’s essence in a true sense; putting forward the hard work of Pearl Academy faculty who polished these graduating students over years of nurturing.

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The fashion show took place on the 2nd and 3rd day of Pearl Portfolio 2016, which was held on the NSIC Grounds, Delhi. The students were assigned themes like Elysium, Brandished Gold, Tailored Wraps, Floral Sublime, Printemps, Knitted Affair, Real People, Dramatic Lengths, Fun & Frolic, Asymmetric Puzzles and Whiter Shade of Pale.

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Having been covering leading Fashion Shows of Delhi, we were definitely not expecting such sophisticated designs to have been put forward by the final semester students. Each student showcased uniqueness in their designs, with some silhouettes matching that of the international veteran labels while the others did steal the show away with their out-of-the-box bolder designs for an artistic approach.

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The fashion show was witnessed by leading fashion personalities of India like the Ace Bollywood Designer Manish Malhotra, the fashion week stars like RimZim Dadu, Rahul Mishra, Rohit Gandhi, Abraham & Thakore. While some played the role of being the show chief guests, others sat among the faculty of Pearl Academy encouraging and guiding the students for their respective displays.

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The icing on the cake, however was the enlightenment of FDCI’s collaboration with Pearl Academy. The President of the FDCI, Mr. Sunil Sethi, officially declared this collaboration to co-create the future of design and provide the best possible fashion programs in the nation.

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We were, hands down, mesmerised by the creations that these budding designers had put forward. We do appreciate their efforts put into making Pearl Portfolio 2016 a great success.

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If you too are a budding fashion designer or know of someone who has the essence of holding unique credentials in the field of fashion, visit to learn more about it.

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