June 9, 2012
As I sat down to write about , I was wondering as to what should be the head line for this blog post. An online fashion portal? Or a fashion paradise? Or a fashion hub? Nah!! All are cliche.
I was listening to this song by GAGA called, “THE FAME”, and was wondering, no matter people swear by being sober, still deep down in their gut, they have a dream of being FAMOUS!! Well by that I don’t mean becoming a known actress, or an international celebrity. By being Famous, I mean being known among your masses, your family, your friends, your colony, your college, your cousins, etc. etc. etc.
But how to be “Famous”? Well that is when PRET – FAME – steps in! This is not just another online fashion portal, but an inspiration guide for fashion enthusiasts, and a step for that FAME FAME makeover 😉

This user friendly website, offering best designers like James Ferriera, Prashant Verma and Veruschka contributing to this site, best brand collections like that of Frou Frou, Cupidity, Geisha designs and Lost City on display, and great bargains to keep it pocket friendly, this place is the ultimate destination for every colorful soul on this planet.
Since I can never do a post without waving my creativity wand, I bring to you 4 ways of dancing FAME! These 4 looks will go with absolutely any body frame and age, you just need to have a colorful soul, and your being FAMOUS dream on your toes!!

Why choose these?
1. Sapphire Dress : A basic nude shade ensemble goes with any situation, any color, any time and any way of styling.
2. Pastel Pink Hoop Earrings : Always own a pair of basic earring shades and styles, as they get along very well with almost any ensemble
3. Butterfly Surprise Clutch : Invest in a multi-colored clutch, as they tend to match up any look because of the varied color scheme.
4. Lapiz Lazuli Ring :  If you still want to own a solid color ring, go for shades of blues, they fit in well with maximum colors and provide a royal feel to your finger.
5. Blue Lagoon Hairband : Always keep hair accessories handy in case of emergencies. When you are running out of time, but don’t want to go with boring pony tail or open hair, jazz up your look with hairband like these.


Why choose these?
1. Beach Cover : This color blocked outfit might seem monochrome from front, but it has a stylish yellow blocking on the back. Anything color blocked is In trend this season.
2. Popsicle Trousers : Tangerine is color of the year. Invest in tangerine trousers, and uplift the boring tees, jackets and shirts into a chic look.
3. Elanor Clutch : Big solid color clutches are another hot favorite pick this season, they not only give an edge to the outfit, but sprinkle in semi-formal look to your entire ensemble.
4. Red Brocade Ballerinas :  Always choose comfort as far as possible. These red ballerinas not only provide comfort to your feet, but also compliments the tangerine trousers.
5. Audrey Hepburn Necklace : When opting for color blocking, glam up your look by adding basic but not loud bling bling. This necklace not only provides that glamour, but the feel and look of it also provides status to your ensemble.
6. Tropical Victoriana : Wherever tangerine trousers will go, these earrings will go as well. These pastel earrings shout elegance, and will pump up your tangerine trousers.


Why choose these?

Lime Green Sleeves : This abstract cut top gives that edge to make likes of Pablo Picasso to get inspired from.And when it is infused with NEONS, I don’t need to mention anything further!
Zig Zag Red Leggings : This season is also about heavy patterns of leggings. Kristan Stewart wore it to Cannes, why shouldn’t you? 😉
Kiss me Necklace : This pop up abstract neck piece is surely a head turner, and absolutely unique, which will make your girls drool!
Double Trouble Key Ring : This season also is about double/triple ring combinations, they make your hands give those oomph factors.
Khansa Bag : With so much of neons and bright shades, you don’t need to become an eye sour and make it loud!! In that case invest in some black hand bags which will neutralize the whole electric look.


Why choose these?

Lynx Gown : If you want to break your bank, invest in a floral gown complimenting your body shape. You can use it as a casual maxi, or add accessories and glam it up for a cocktail party, and even wear some elegant diamonds for that perfect date.
Ocean Belly : Summers are all about pleasing and soothing colors. Go for turquoise earrings to give a pleasant look to your outfit.
Antler Hobo : For that extra peppiness, break the rules and invest in unique bag styles, like this bag. The handle of the bag is good enough to make this bag stand out in your closet crowd!
Turquoise Resort Neck piece : A statement necklace is all what is required to make an outfit from just an outfit to a fabulous outfit.
Sakti Bronze Wedge : For a long drape like that of this gown, you need to have good stable heels. Go for wedges as they make you stand tall, and also prevent you from tripping over.

So which look will you choose? Remember you can always drop by at to buy your favorite look 😉

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