Pretty Please Me – Jewellery Organizer Review

August 18, 2015

Pretty things please us all. As much as we girls love our dazzling baubles, the idea of staging them beautifully in and around our room excites us too. Although, most of the times, we end up wrapping them up in bubble wraps and closing them inside a box or two. If you talk about me, I actually have incidences of panicking over not having enough statement pieces to wear to some regular parties and absolutely forget about the treasure box that is lying under piles of other bauble managed cubicles in a corner.

And not to forget the frustration of finding the long neck pieces wrapped up around each other with a ‘forever-together’ mission to let go. Argh! Well, many of us understand these mini troubles of keeping up with our jewellery collection, hence, a fashionable Delhiite has come up with an array of pretty jewellery managers, that not only make things right and place things strategically; but also look equally flattering resting in our rooms or powder-tables.


Presenting to you ‘Pretty Please Me’ by Sakshi Monga. I have already been acquainted with Pretty Please Me’s range of organizers, since she has a pretty boutique in the busy shopping hub of Select Citywalk, Saket (Delhi). Although, it was just recently, that I got a haul-hold on two of their masterpieces.

Lipstick Organizer


Like the name suggests, this one is meant for the ladies who obsess over lip-stainers. Available in 2 other colours, the lipstick holder has been cleverly designed with elevated rows of lipstick stands, making it easier to pull out the one you like; without disturbing the rest of the lot.


I also like how each one of the lipsticks get to stay in the spotlight, with no scope of clumsiness or unwanted line-up.

Jewellery Hanger


Thank god for this one! I am finally able to organize my necklaces and earrings without worrying about entangling or forgetting about my favourite pieces that usually get wrapped and dumped in the closet. Usually, we all have a set of ‘current favourites’ that gets to be worn pretty often (till we get bored of them someday). This jewellery hanger serves in the purpose of arranging the favourites right in front of our presence.


I absolutely love the detailing, especially the way hanger sections have been marked with solid wire. I also love this one because of the fact that it adds on as a show-piece rather than just being an organizer.

Check out more from her collection at Select Citywalk (Delhi). If you’re not from Delhi, then fret not, because she has an online store as well. Check it out at

Pretty Please Me in-houses an array of organizers for jewellery, bags, cosmetics, belts & scarves, toiletries and even bake displaces.

About Pretty Please Me


PrettyPleaseMe is all about aesthetically and creatively organizing a girl’s accessories in an ingenious style. The brand innovatively resolves everyday nuisances like cluttered wardrobes, scattered accessories, messy drawers, pilled scarves, stuffed bags and lost ornaments. Such pickles have been bothering every woman, college-going or a working professional and PrettyPleaseMe manages them with ease. The products are benchmarked in accessory organizing with curated designs that not only put them in order methodically, but also embellishes the room with perky colors, contemporary patterns and gorgeous sequences. They are preeminently designed to create an experience and craft beautiful memories for every girl who is in love with her embellishments. Peppy hues, cheerful and bright delineations, voguish products and picturesque craftsmanship redefine the individual’s style statement and ensure a customer’s delight.

Ms. Sakshi Monga – Founder & Director at PrettyPleaseMe

A distinguished and an acclaimed personal stylist, Sakshi has an exceptional and remarkable fashion cognizance. Her ability to master hues and emblazoned designs inspired her to establish PrettyPleaseMe that provides contemporary solutions to organize a girl’s accessories in the best possible manner.She followed her dream to foster personal accessory management and enroot PrettyPleaseMe. The brand’s ever-evolving products designed by Sakshi herself using peppy colors, alluring patterns and dazzling arrangements are appreciated all across. She is perseverant to purposefully organize everyone’s desks and dressers. With affirmative customer feedback, Sakshi is now in the process of artfully shaping up kitchen organizing stuff that will make your shelf look splendid and livelier.

The products are available the following outlets:

Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi
Nourish, Meharchand Market, Delhi
The Whistling Nest, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi
Vanilla Home, Ahmedabad

How do YOU keep your cosmetics and fashion accessories organized? Share your ideas!