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December 1, 2014
Trends are like the major highlights of this fashion industry. With each season comes the trends. Some of them stay for a long time, while some dissolve within weeks. However, their are certain trends that tend to repeat; season after season. Take for instance, the Print on Print Trend.
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Now a lot of fashion experts across the globe try to set some rules for this particular trend. But my personal opinion says that if it looks good overall, their ain’t no particular rule that needs to be followed. After all, it’s not mathematical mind-boggling question.

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United Colors of Benetton has come up an array of prints for this Autumn Winter Season. For those who have been associated with United Colors of Benetton for long know, that their signature style is more on the basic lines with the emphasis on solid shades. Well, you’ll be surprised to learn about the prints – series that have launched this time. From the obvious floral prints to military prints, they have also taken over digital photograph prints and font-style prints for their Autumn Winter collection.
Now before I show you how United Colors of Benetton AW’14 became my inspiration to try this print on, check out the basic rules tips on how to decode this fun fashion trend.

1. Match the colors – Something that I have incorporated in my #LOTD too. While matching the prints can come out a bit too loud for most occasions, matching the color palette will tone down the double prints ; bringing the two style into one perfect match.
2. Break up the monotony with solids – Something that is a must for this trend. In order to bring in more definition, throw in a matching solid top from the same color palette.
3. Spread the prints across your outfit – This will bring in more balance to the appearance. Avoiding clusters and keeping the print-on-prints neatly matched should be your only goal.
Now that you know how this trend works, check out my #OOTD which features United Colors of Benetton Autumn Winter’14 collection.
 Matching a floral print bomber jacket with military pants might seem like a crazy idea at first. But if you have the right solid shade to break it and the color palette matches in harmony; then you’re on the right track.

This bag is super spacious and steady for the working women who juggle between make-up kits, stationary and other day-to-day essentials.

Floral Jacket, Yellow Top, Military Pants & Shoulder Bag – United Colors of Benetton
The bomber jacket is perfect for those warm winter afternoons. Team it up with a basic tank and jeans and bling it up, if need be.
Now that you have got a fair idea about how to decode this trend, how about checking out the collection in person and experimenting the Print-on-Print trend further?
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