PUMA El Rey Future – Review

May 31, 2013
BlogAdda.com gave me this amazing opportunity to own a pair of Puma El Rey shoes.
I had always been into sports wear for two reasons, 1 being a basketball player AND 2nd, my foot size. When heels make a girl look sexy and feminine, a good pair of sports shoes makes a girl look hotter and smarter.
Puma El Rey shoes are one of those uni-sexual creations that might just turn on your hip-hop side.
When I wore them for the first time, I literally wanted to groove to a Jay Z track.
The shoes :
The best part about Puma El Rey shoes are that, they are very light weight, which makes it very comfortable for the wearer. Not only they are light, but the built it strong, which makes them wearable on a daily basis, all day all night. Since I received them in hot Delhi summers, I was wondering if I should wrap them up for winters, or try wearing them presently. Well I guess PUMA consists of Einsteins, because these shoes have perforated air circulation system, which let’s my feet breathe, even in this hot Delhi weather. Another added point to these Puma El Ray shoes is, that they are lace-less! You don’t need to worry about tying your laces all the time, which sucks for a person who is everyday on his/her heels, running errands and does not like dirtying the hands.
The style :
As far as the style is concerned, these shoes, apart from having a very sporty and stylish look, come in 3 types of color combinations. Grey-Black-White, Red-Black-White and Orange-Blue-White. I really wanted to lay my hands on the Orange-Blue-Whites, but was wondering if I will be able to wear them with maximum looks… so opted for the basic Red-Black-Blue color combination, playing it safe obviously. :p
These shoes have the built which will compliment a loose shirt, skin tight leggings and a bohemian touch. You can also team them up with knee length lace skirt, solid color printed blouse – tucked inside, some hand accessories, a bun with fringes and geeky glasses, to give the 70’s look.
The conclusion :
If you are one of those people, who look for style even in their sports junk, these shoes are meant for you. And if you are one of those people, who like pampering their feet yet looking stylishly awesome, these shoes are for you too. The choice of 3 color combinations is an added bonus, as they let you chose your mood board, and chose accordingly. The pricing is decent, given the fact that they are PUMA, stylish, comfortably amazing and EL RAY!
The awesome add-on :
Shop PUMA El Rey Future, take it places and go trigger happy. Upload cool photos here and if you get their attention, they just might fly you out to the land of flamenco, bullfights and street cool…Viva Espanol. Top 2 entries with the best ‘My El Rey was here’ photo win a 3N / 4D trip to Spain.

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