Pushkar Resorts Rajasthan – Hotel Review

September 8, 2015

‘Luxury in the lap of nature.’ – That’s how I’m going to define the beautiful Pushkar Resorts. This great amalgamation of providing excellent boarding facilities amidst the natural habitat of the Rajasthan region has truly been one of its kind experience for me.

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Not only was I mesmerized by the colourful township and vegetation of Pushkar, but I also felt absolutely pampered by the warm hospitality of the regional staff.

Introducing to you Pushkar Resorts by Sewara Hospitality group. Constructed in 1998 as a mere stopover, Pushkar Resorts has ever since group over into a full fledged working resort with luxurious amenities that go unmatched for miles in that rugged region.

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For those who look for comfortable lodging even when they are out nature-watching, Sewara Pushkar Resorts set in one such amalgamated example.

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A couple of weeks back, I was invited over to their monsoon-hit property for a rural experience that promised serenity and luxury; both at the same time. And boy were they right! Right from their welcoming rose & cucumber drinks to their farewell meal, the entire 3 day experience is worth documenting.

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Designed by Indrek Roy, the property is mostly flavoured with its natural vegetation. The lodging buildings, restaurant and reception buildings have been constructed in a manner that doesn’t block the breathtaking view of the Aravallis. Spread across a land of 15 acres, it is a treat to take a stroll across the pathways, listening to the chirping of the birds and soaking in the sun and the wind of Rajasthan.

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Mr. Rajesh Mandal, manager, made sure that we get a detailed walk through of the entire property with additional information on the type of vegetation that can be found to the technical details of the rooms and other services.

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The property comprises of 40 cottages which include 10 Superior Rooms, 9 Deluxe Rooms and 21 Standard Rooms.
We were allotted their Deluxe Room – which are (300 Sq.ft wide and have a view of the gardens and the Aravallis.

Sewara Pushkar_Room1a

Sewara Pushkar_Room1

With earthy interiors to match the moods of Pushkar, along with all the basis modern day amenities, the room also offers beautiful private sit out areas surrounded by flowering plants and creepers.

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Sewara Pushkar_Room2

I was quite pleased to find a renowned brand’s toiletries as a part of their in-house amenities. With a super quick room service facility and everything from the restaurant to the pool and other entertainment sections connected to a foot’s throw; the entire stay turned out to be quite rejuvenating.

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Those looking for some leisure sports can enjoy the refreshing pool and the games room facilities which have a range of activities like carom, billiards & pool and board games. The outdoor games include badminton and volley ball. The property also has meeting rooms and welcomes business trips and off-site meetings on request.

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Pushkar Resorts also includes Kaivalya Spa which offers a range of massages, scrubs and wraps by their local experts.

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Their local masseuse is an expert in releasing muscle pain and the one hour massage treatment definitely ensures a more relaxed stay afterwards. I definitely felt rejuvenated post my massage. Phew!

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The property also has a beautiful swimming pool which helps refresh guests during their stay at the property. The location of the pool is such, that it is the first to attract guests, who are looking at getting some relief from the desert heat. The pool is neatly maintained on a daily basis, with swimming costumes and other utilities available on request.

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They also arrange DJ Nights and Folk-dance nights over snacks and drinks every night. Enjoying the true folk of Rajasthan is definitely worth experiencing, with the artists presenting their core dance and song performances.


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Pushkar Resorts offers a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional Rajasthani to European and continental. The focus is on the use of fresh home grown ingredients which ensures that the dishes are fresh and healthy. Produce like lettuce, mangoes, cherry tomatoes & amlas are grown in-house and used for the daily preparations.

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With a cover of 100 seats, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch & dinner with regular chef specials and food festivals. Special picnic baskets are also provided for the kafila rides. They also provide a healthy menu option to compliment the spa treatments ensuring an overall healing of the mind, body & soul.

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Point to be noted – Pushkar Resorts is one of the few resorts in the vicinity to offer non-vegetarian delicacies and alcohol. Signature dishes like dal makhni, laal maas, choorma laddoo and gulab ki kheer are a must try on your visit to the property.


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The main city of Pushkar is located nearby and can be reached by Kafila (camel cart) rides and other basic auto-mobiles. Sewara also arranges Kafila rides on request that add on to the rural experience of the city.

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The ride is very comfortable and should definitely be experienced at least once in your lifetime. They also have a well-versed guide who gives tours of the city along with details of  the famous temples and ghats for which Pushkar is famous for.

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A visit to the Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Ajmer Dargah and a visit during the famous Pushkar Fair are some of the most recommended things to do while in the holy city of Pushkar.

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The last day of our stay at Pushkar was followed by a personalized trip to Ajmer dargah, with guided assistance from a resident priest with an informative dargah tour.

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We winded up our trip with a lavish lunch at Mango Masala, which is probably one of the quirkiest and most artistic restaurants that I have come across in a long while. Each one of their dishes is worth trying and their menu is quite interesting as well!


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How to visit Sewara Pushkar Resorts?
Fly down to Jaipur, which is the closest International airport (120 kms). From Jaipur, one can take a train, bus or taxi to Ajmer. From Ajmer to Pushkar is another 12km which can take a driver upto 45 minutes due to the hilly terrain.

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If one plans to travel by train, the nearest railway station is Ajmer. There are direct trains from Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Two convenient train services which connect Ajmer to Delhi and Jaipur respectively are the Shatabdi Express and Pink City Express.

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To arrive by road, there are two bus stands: Marwar Bus Stand (near the Post Office) and Ajmer Bus Stand. Buses ply regularly to and from Bikaner, Jaisalmer and other cities of Rajasthan.

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Pushkar Resorts

Motisar Road, Ganhera,

Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Phone:011 2649 4531

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