Quirk up your Planner – Letternote.com

June 9, 2014
For those who think that a blogger’s life is chilled out,
full of leisure and tension-free work environment; then you are absolutely
wrong.  Not to forget the fact that most
of us have a full time job as well! There is something about blogging that
keeps us stay awake even at wee hours, trying to work up a blog post or edit a vlog
post; with hopes that you our readers/followers will appreciate it.
This blog post is not about pouring my heart out (on behalf
of fellow bloggers) about the hardships challenges a blogger faces, but why
staying organized becomes a top notch priority. Being your own boss is a
blessing. But if you don’t take the boss in you seriously, it might affect the
work log that you have around as a blogger.
In today’s technologically advanced time, Android has become
our world and Google Play Applications our secretaries to trainers. When you
have a 9 to 6 job and a passion to freelance at the same time, forgetting
important notes, meetings and deeds becomes a daily issue.
What if you can keep your notes yet not look like a nerd?
Well, I am talking about the quirkiest stationary store in the market..
Letternote. Their wide range of colourful and eclectic stationary will make
even a non-planner start scribbling some notes.
Priced at a nominal rate, I absolutely loved the quality of
their products. The first time I stumbled upon www.letternote.com, what really caught my
eyes were the lovely prints that they have to offer. With a twist of Indian
tadka, letternote’s stationary collection is artistic and apt for those who just
can’t do with boring grey diaries.
If you are one hell of a busy person and yet believe in
keeping yourself and your work stationary as quirky and creative as you are;
checkout letternote.com